Who is behind the assasination of Benazir Bhutto?

1. Taliban/Al-Qaeda (as she was against terrorism and Taliban)

2. ISI (as she was a real democracy lover and against Musharraf)

3. India (india always wanted unstability in Pakistan)

4. USA (in view to creat un stability in Pakistan to justify musharraf unjust rule)

5. Chaudhary Brothers of PML (Q) (as Benazir's victory in elections was sure)

6. Any Other

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    Not #4, that's for sure.

    Do you know how much negotiation the US State Dept. had to do with Musharraf just to let Bhutto and her husband back in Pakistan without having to worry about those old charges of corruption from 1996?

    Also, you are forgetting that Bhutto was western-educated and very willing to work in cooperation with the West for a better tomorrow in Pakistan. She lived in Dubai and often was invited to the UK and US for speeches.

    If you think the US really, truly trusts Musharraf after billions-of-dollars in aid producing no results in the securing of the northern territories and basically allowing Osama Bin Laden a safe-haven in his backyard, you're kidding yourself.

    Everyone (including the US Govt.) knows that Musharraf is playing with both the Pakistani people and the US Govt.

    Not #3 either. What idiot would want an unstable nuclear-equipped enemy? The only way nuclear deterrence works is if both parties are stable and rational.

    Not Musharraf, as he does not benefit from Bhutto's death, as he already had the advantage. Musharraf wants a "fair" (meaning: fair-looking) election so he sell himself to the world and to his people as being a "fairly-elected" leader. This is why Bhutto and Sharif were allowed back into the country to participate in this election. This is also why he stepped-down from his commander-in-chief role, to keep from giving his political opponents an excuse to boycott his election. He wants them to participate, because he's not scared of losing. He fully expected to have to share power with Bhutto, but at the same time he has the loyalty of Kayani, so even then he still has the upper hand. At the very worst if everything goes wrong for him, he could pull another bloodless coup. And having Bhutto sharing power in govt. gives Musharraf somebody to point fingers at.

    If I had to guess, it would have to be #1 and #2: Al-Qaeda AND the ISI.

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    There is more information about Benazir Bhutto on this site:


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    Musharraf is behind it all!

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  • Of course, it was the Taliban.

    A woman in autority? rid of her at once!!

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    That would be israel!

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