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    My name is called XXX, this year 20 years old, are born in Zhanghua, in the family have the parents with 2 younger sisters, is together very happily, the father is the car dealer, the mother is the family tube, 2 younger sisters go study the university and the high school separately!!

    At present goes study XX Scientific and technical university, in the class work are many, often must arrive at the school using after school to complete the work!!

    My interest studies the steam engine vehicle. Watches the movie. Swims and seeks the stimulation thing, at present is infatuated with the basketball, NBA Saiertikedui is I most loves

    The above is my self introduction

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    My name is XXX. I'm 20 years old now. I was born in Chang-hua.

    There are my parents, two younger sisters and me in my family. We

    always get along well with one another. My father is a car merchant.

    My mother is a housewife. One of my sisters studies in a college, and

    the other is in the senior high!!

    So far I study at XX Technology University. I have to make a

    good use with my free time to come to school and finish my works

    from time to time.

    I'm interested in studying cars and motorcycles, watching movies,

    swimming and exploring exciting things. Now I take a fancy to

    basketball, and the Boston Celtics in the NBA is my favorite.

    This is my self-introduction.

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