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Help~~Chinese New Year

Honesly, I`m an exchange students in America now

I want to celebrate Chinese New Year with all my family and people I met here. So I can teach them Chinese culture. First I thought I`ll have a party.

But what I should do during the party. I mean not only eat but also need other things. Please give me some suggestion


Yhanks But the answer can be Chinese, too.~.~

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    Chinese culture……oh….

    The first, you can adorn all the places that looks like in a Chinese New Year house.

    Maybe arrange some flowers like Round Kumquat(金柑、金橘代表-吉祥如意)、Narcissus(菊花-代表吉發)、Azalea(杜鵑花-代表美好、吉祥如意)、Lily(百合-代表團圓、富貴)、Green Bamboo(青竹-代表開運)、Orchid(蘭花-代表祝福、喜悅).etc

    And hanged some Spring Festival couplets with Chinese calligraphy words on both sides and top of doors.

    The right side(top couplet) you can write︰天增歲月人增壽

    The left side(down couplet)︰春滿乾坤福滿堂

    The horizontal couplet︰竹報平安年

    The other bless sentences you can reference here︰

    Maybe you can teach your foreign friends write Chinese calligraphy.

    After you set down the circumstances, you can play Chinese New Year’s songs during all the party. You can buy a CD or down load MP3 from internet. Of course, suggest you buy a legal CD form book store.

    In Chinese, people usually shoot off firecrackers in their yard all day during New Year. But not suggest you do it in America. Coz you will attract the polices officer come to your house. But Fairy's stick (仙女棒Sparking stick) maybe OK.

    Or you can teach them play Dragon Dancing for your foreign friends or your families in the daytime.

    If your foreign friends interesting Chinese New Year’s eve recreation︰play mahjong, that will be funny all the night.

    If your foreign friends interesting food, you can teach then make steamed dumplings or other Chinese New Year’s foods.

    The last, maybe you can prepare some of Chinese ghost stories if they like it.

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    And hanged some Spring Festival couplets with Chinese calligraphy words on both sides and top side of door's wall.

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    New Year’s Eve

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    Source(s): 花了三天邊上班邊打的....偶的英文文法(歡迎糾正哦)><''
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    Maybe you can join one of your friend's party first. During that day, the last day of the Chinese calendar(2008/2/6),some of people will come

    to their family house and have a dinner. They will celebrate the new year and share their success experienment about their living in school, their living in work or make a good dream.

    After dinner, the elder men and women will offer the red envelope (money inside), it's a good wish for each young children.

    Some family will have the special active: they will stay up late and all night on New year's Eve. During the night, they will talk some stories for young people about their childrenhood.

    In our family, we will play firework after dinner. and four people of us could play mah-jongg.Expect me, I just watch HBO all night. Until that day,the good program will be showen.

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