I need a personal loan for $6500 and I make about $3000 a month but I have very bad credit. Any suggestions?

I have bad credit because of my recent divorce. I live in California and my credit score is around 550. The loan is for a motorcycle.

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    Save for a couple of months and pay cash.

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    Your credit score of 550 won't by itself keep you from getting a loan at a dealer selling motorcycles. You will no doubt have to pay very high interest. You don't say what your expenses are or if you are currently behind on any obligations which might keep you from getting the loan. Without more details it is impossible to tell if you qualify for a loan or who might loan you the money.

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    You`re gonna have to get a second person sign the loan with you. That way if you can`t pay, then that person is gonna have to. Also, it takes 6 months or so to rebuild your credit. You can do this by opening a saving account to show the credit company and your loan people that you do have money aside if anything happens. Look into it man.

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    First you need to know the difference between NEEDING and WANTING.

    Do you NEED a loan or do you WANT a loan.? For a motorcycle..? Is this for transportaion to and from work? Have you figure gas prices being what they are a motorcycle would be chaper..? Or are you WANTING a motorcycle just for fun.?

    Your credit being bad and all, you need to think of why you really want to bike and do you really need it right now.?

    Can you save up for one and not get a loan, thus not having to worry about your credit..?

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    1 decade ago

    Actually motorcycles and ATV are one of the harder loans to qualify for. As well as personal loan.

    I don't believe you will qualify for this type of lone based off of the information you have provided.

    I agree you should try to find a used bike that you can pay cash for and modify over time.

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    Cut extravacant spending, save $150 every 2 weeks and save for 7 months (25%).This will show a good down payment tohelp somehat but you will still pay a higher interest rate.

  • 4 years ago

    if you are going to buy a motorcycle -- you are not looking for a personal loan you are looking for a secure loan and you should be able to get the loan with the motorcycle as security!!!

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    Try repairing your credit or get a cosigner, you can use lexington law firm. use the link below to follow the banner.


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    buy a use one try craiglist.

    rebuild your credit first

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