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what are the lyrics to bend yo wrist from i now pronounce you chuck and larry?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're out there and

    You don’t give a damn what they say

    Put some skittles in your mouth and bend yo wrist like this

    Rainbow, gay pride, LGBT, bend yo wrist like this

    Now roll with it

    Lesbians, come’on, Bend yo wrist like this

    Gay folk , come’on, Bend yo wrist like this

    Bisexuals, come’on, lemme see you bend yo wrist

    Transsexuals, bend yo wrist like this

    Verse 1

    Extra extra read all about it

    Rainbow Brite slid her *** right off the rainbow

    Now the planet gonna rock with gayfolk hiphop

    Hollywood open the door and I walk right thru’

    Been 19 years now I’m finally here

    Yes and more key order's here to push this movement off

    Doing things my way, got 30 mil (million) out of the deal

    While Skittles are the (biz?) for a couple of (mil?)

    Got my own soft drink I call it rainbow sweet

    Got my own tennis shoes, I call’em rainbow sneaks

    Got my own record label, I call’em Mai-ty-tainment

    Cos Mai-ty does entertain baby


    And can't forget about my gig, yes My-T wear

    Rainbow jeans, screen T, and maybe some rocka wear

    I’ve been blessed to make things happen like this

    I ain’t going nowhere so you might as well love me

    Repeat Chorus

    Verse 2

    I am who I am, and you are who you are

    I will be me, you be you, and that’s how it gonna be

    Stop sending me to hell

    Well take a look at yourself

    Soul search, tell the truth, ain't gonna repent

    Trying to make me feel guilty for what I’m innocent

    With all my heart and mind ya'll need to just stop

    Protesting and hating like things are really going to change

    Born gay God knew it ain't nothing ya'll can do about it

    Repeat Chorus

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