SEC = speed?

Everyone says that Ohio State is gonna be blown away by LSU's speed.

But Michigan stepped up and beat Florida.

The Wolverines stepped up and beat the Gators, and I don't think it was a fluke.

Michigan held the Gators long enough to win the game.

LSU was given a rough game by the Gators a few weeks back.

Ohio State beat Michigan handily in the last game of their regular season.

Does this mean Ohio State and LSU will come down to the wire?

I'm looking forward to a lights-out national championship.

And I think the Buckeyes can upset the Tigers.

Does anyone agree with me?

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    1 decade ago
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    Trust me on these two things, Ohio State beating LSU wouldnt be an upset, and the SEC's speed is vastly overrated. LSU isnt extremely fast, its just that people seem to think so. Maybe that little Trindon Holliday guy is pretty fast, but the Buckeyes are equally as speedy with Brandon Saine, Ray Small, and on the D line, Vernon Gholston is always regarded for his incredible speed off the jump.

    Michigan showed today that speed and talent dont beat heart and the will to win. Ohio State winning would not be an upset, because frankly, LSU isnt as good a team as everyone thinks. When you break it down, I think the Buckeyes hold the advantage in many categories. O-Line? Has to be Ohio States advantage, those guys are huge and they have two All Americans. Running Backs? Beanie Wells by himself wins it, but Brandon Saine has incredible speed, and Mo Wells can catch and run as a situation back. Big advantage to Ohio State. Defense? Has to be Ohio State. LSU's D was highly regarded going into the season, but have been torched for big time points in alot of games, and shown that they cant hang for a full 60 minutes. They also get beat by the run, and as Beanie Wells gets more carries, he just flat out intimidates teams, and they just dont feel like tackling him, as we saw against Michigan. I would say LSU gets the nod in Receivers, because of Early Doucet, but they get the nod by a slim margin, because Brian Robiske and Brian Hartline have been incredible this year. LSU gets the nod at QB because they have two, but Id say Todd Boeckman is better than Matt Flynn straight up.

    All in all, it wouldnt be an upset if we won, and speed doesnt beat heart. It all comes down to who wants it more.

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    Of course Ohio State can upset LSU. There's always that possibility. However, you left out one other game: Wisconsin losing to Tennessee. If you're gonna compare the Big Ten and SEC, then use every game to prove your point. The SEC does equal speed and you didn't say otherwise. You just said that Michigan stepped up and beat Florida, which they did. Look back at the last few years and tell me which Heisman winner won their bowl game. Been a while, hasn't it? I hate looking at games in that way. This team beat that team, so this team could beat that team, right? Wrong. Appalachian State would NEVER beat Florida.

    With all this said, I don't think Ohio State's untested defense is gonna be able to hang with LSU's offense. Jacob Hester is a beast. He could easily run over Lauranitus in the open field. Perriloux could cause problems as Juice Williams did with Illinois. Swaping Perriloux and Flynn will create confusion. Too much for Ohio State to handle, in my opinion. I have LSU winning this one, maybe not as easily as Florida did, but winning convincingly.

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    Overall yes. The Big Ten still plays the college game of 20/30 years ago. The college game has changed over the last decade or so and is more of a speed game. To quote the eloquent Benoe Cook, " What changed the game was integration." Meaning, the South has a much larger population of African-Americans who want to stay and play for LSU, UF, UGA, TX, FL.ST etc.

    I'm curious if Mr. BuckEye has an answer for OH ST going 0-8 against SEC in bowl games(not taking a jab, just want a fans opinion.)

    Also, as for Mizzou and Ark. You're comparing the #2 Big 12 and the #5 or 6 SEC. Mizz. shoulda been playing UGA

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    Is it just me or does USC rock so good that they lose to Stanford and Oregon?? SEC is fast and so are other conferences, i agree, but to be realistic, the Florida and Michigan game was very well coached and very well played by a team with alot of heart and soul and im a Gator fan but i give credit where it is due (Carr and his team) Florida is a fast team but the defense just could not stop Michigans offense. Carr, enjoyed watching you coach, have a great retirement! As for SEC speed, this isnt Chevy, Ford or Dodge or even Nascar, its football and there is speed in every conference. Sec is a tough conference to play in but it isnt the fastest conference........look back when Alabama was the ones always winning and Florida won so many SEC titles with Steve, alot of other teams started stepping up to make a name for themselves. Take a look at the ACC when Florida State dominated and ask yourself, are they the most dominating team in the ACC now and you will see that they arent! Teams improve when other teams in the conference are dominating for too long.......its a proven fact.......the only way to resolve the issues is to make a playoff system and the conferences have done that but the BCS (Bullshit Computer System) will never do this and neither will the NCAA until the BCS's contract is finished and done with!

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    The speed of the SEC will beat anything else 9 of 10 times. Heart plays a very big factor as to how a team plays, hence the Florida loss today to Michigan. But in all of these arguments people neglect the Tennessee - Wisconsin game. As i recall Tennessee won that game. And although Hawaii is not in the big ten they are the highest scoring offense, they had the highest passing average per game, and oh they had a Heisman trophy candidate but Georgia is still managing to embarrass them too. And if i remember correctly Florida ran Ohio State out of the stadium last year. And onee more note: has 3 SEC teams in the top 10 in 2008 recruiting class.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SEC Speed thats a big joke!!SEC fan put your donkeys away ok!!This is not a horse race its a football game!!Wheres all this LSU speed been for the last 10 yrs ?They have nother but a split title with a USC team that would of killed them!!So plz stop acting like your somebody!!Its very funny reading all this crap about a team that has no history of winning titles!!So after you lose to OSU you all can jump off the bandwagon at the trailer park!!

    USC ROCKS !!We have the history to prove it!!Your not or ever will be in our class!!

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    Speed is only one component of a successful football program. The only way to handle speed is to smash it in the mouth. That tends to take the speed factor out of any team. Look at the speed teams over the past twenty years, they all rely on blocking, tackling, coverage, and execution. There have always been teams with exceptional speed that have wound up on the short end of the scoreboards. So all you SEC single minded nimrods, give it up. If and That is a BIG IF, LSU does win, speed won't be the major factor.

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    Look, for the last time! A 4.4 in the 40 yard dash in the SEC is the same damm 4.4 in the Big Ten. You people look silly when you talk about SEC Speed!! Speed is Speed! A 4.4 is a 4.4............A 4.3 is a 4.3, no matter where you are in the world its the same damm speed. So now tell me why a guy who runs a 4.4 at Georgia is any faster then a Guy from the Big Ten that puts up the same number? Tell me!!!!! I really need to know how this is. SEC fans swear they have fastest teams around, HORSECRAP!!!!!! Pac-10, Big Ten, Big East, Big 12, ACC.......They all have fast players!!!!!!!!! Prove me wrong! I dont think you can!

    Source(s): Any college football player stat sheet will give you these numbers....where are these peoples sources that say big ten teams are slower then SEC teams? I want to know
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    I would have agreed a bit more had OSU played anyone this year. They have yet to play a top 20 team.

    That is why LSU will win big.

  • 1 decade ago

    Agreed. LSU was given the NC spot because of a biased media, not genuine skill.

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