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Does anyone know this song?

I'm not really sure but i think it's featuring bow wow or lil wayne

it goes [in the begining] "She's got ........................[in the end of the chorus it goes] and she gotta big bootty"

then bow wow or lil wayne or someone sings "you know how we get down spinning around yeah, driving in the fast like the.......girl now break it down...............mid west coast"

I'm not really sure but the.....means i don't know the words.


What is the song title and who sang it?


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    hardball by lil wayne and bow wow...check it out on youtube,if u think this is the one.

    here's the link-

    Youtube thumbnail

    i hope this is it!

  • shire
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    4 years ago

    SAD or ROCK? Okay.. I'm no longer definite on that. If through unhappy you imply.... gradual and type of emo... Evanescence has plenty of those, as good as rock, equivalent to: Hello Like You My Immortal Your Star Missing All That I'm Living For Sweet Sacrifice Weight of the World Going Under The Veronicas: All I Have Heavily Broken In Another Life Someone Wake Me Up My Chemical Romance has plenty of well rock songs, and so does Switchfoot.

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