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Is there a program that allows me to web design like I would on InDesign?

I am very fluent in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, but when it comes to HTML and web design I am a complete and total failure. Are there any programs that allow me to design like I would on InDesign?


In response to a poster's question, when I ask for a program that is "like InDesign" I DO in fact question if it has drag-and-drop positioning. I want to be able to freely move elements to where i want them. Hope this helps.

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    by "like InDesign" do you mean a drag and drop type positioning like a desktop publishing software? Dreamweaver does not work quite like that. You have to work with either tables or layers (divs) for positioning objects where you want them.

    I think NetObjects Fusion works in a desktop publisher type fashion, but it uses tables for layouts, if you have no objection to using tables.

    You can design the graphics in Photoshop and slice for using in Dreamweaver, but the positioning method is a bit different.

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    DON'T go with Visual Studio. Avoid Microsoft for web stuff - as even their latest web browser (IE 7) still isn't quite up to par.

    I have used Adobe GoLive, and Dreamweaver. Without question, go with Dreamweaver.

    You are not going to be able to create websites as easy as you can create a layout in InDesign. Reason: Websites are created with code and need to be done with strict standards to look like it should in all or most browsers. However, Dreamweaver will get you the closest to that. For visually creating websites, Dreamweaver is the industry standard. Plus, being fluent in InDesign and Photoshop - Dreamweaver would be the perfect fit, now being a part of the Adobe family.

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    I agreement with the Top Contributor's response that even though "you find HTML a bore," it and PHP are the mainstay of an efficient language for designing and editing webpages. The other considerations, i.e. Flash, ImageReady and Dreamweaver generate too much and often unnecessary codes which often interfere with proper indexing by search engine robots. Again, pure HTML-based webpages and websites are ranked highest by major search engines/directories. And on a separate note, use of Flash assumes that one's audience are high-speed DSL subscribers. Before opting to create a pure Flash website, check with your local telephone provider to assess how many subscribers are still using dial-up versus DSL. You might be in for a surprise! It is a fact, that many dial-uppers will leave any Flash-based website within under one minute due to the lengthy wait for the Flash files to download! So, determine your major viewing audience first before advocating the use Flash. Flash designed websites may not, in fact, be the most viewable platform should your client want the largest viewing Net audience. Good luck!

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    If you are looking to design the website from scratch, you got to have some basic skills on photoshop, HTML, CSS, Flash ( if needed)..etc.

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    I have never used inDesign but I imagine Dreamweaver would probably work for you.

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    Try Visual Studio

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