New york law school evening programs?

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I will be getting my MBA June 08 and wanted to go to law school in NYC. However, I would have to go part time since I have to work fulltime. Is it possible? Any tips advice on good books for LSat etc.,

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  • neniaf
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    1 decade ago
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    If they have such a program, yes. I couldn't find much reference to a part-time program on their website other than for the LLM program in taxation, though, so you may need to check with them. I was a part-time law student, and I can tell you that the program was easier for those whose jobs afforded them a lot of flexibility. Many of my classmates took time off during finals week, while for me as a college professor, finals was always the busiest time at work too! Still, there were some with responsible jobs who managed. One or two of my classmates with significant jobs never even told their employers that they were in law school at all (I still don't understand how they managed that!). As for the LSAT, I used the Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barron's books, and basically looked for the things which overlapped on all three, because there were problems with each one individually.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    for sure not! once you're a US citizen, and choose to coach regulation interior the U. S., you elect a US regulation diploma so which you would be able to bypass federal + state bar exams. uk regulation is ineffective, different than perhaps to a legal historian with PhD and no choose to fairly prepare regulation on the grounds which you will have not have been given any capacity to try this. legal experts are the form of glut on the U. S. marketplace that they're a penny a dozen. you elect a real-notch undergraduate diploma from a exceedingly respected college, score above ninety 5 percentile on the LSATs, get into between the very actual-ranked regulation colleges, and be interior the actual 10% of your graduating classification to have any desire of having a activity even to start up with. E.g. pal graduated from a real NYC-section regulation college, interior the actual 10 of his classification. all of the actual 10 had good supplies by way of commencement (he's with between the worldwide's maximum prestigious regulation companies). A twelve months after commencement & passing bar exams, in basic terms the actual 25% of his graduating classification had discovered any sort of artwork in any respect - alongside with clerk (regulation student's activity) or paralegal (would not even choose bachelors diploma). Leaving some 350 new legal experts from only one actual college devoid of any form of artwork in any respect - not whilst volunteer in a legal medical institution! you're already way off course by way of analyzing in uk.

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