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Who thinks WWE is really good or really bad??
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Its ok now...
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  • mrscena001 answered 6 years ago
    I think that it is doing good, but it can be a lot better, it also has a lot of potential.
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  • stonecoldstl answered 6 years ago
    Straight up. It has great writers so i definatly think that its entertaining to watch.
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  • You Can Hate Me Now answered 6 years ago
    It has improved..
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  • Mo H answered 6 years ago
    I think its kinda in between
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  • WWE FAN answered 6 years ago
    its good right now, but im looking forward to WRESTLEMANIA 24!!!!
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  • Rahat answered 6 years ago
    i think it is the great. it has alot of action and it has a very interesting storyline. i love it !!!!!
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  • Ulimate_Hitman answered 6 years ago
    its better than TNA
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  • Sir Thinesh - Common Test Time answered 6 years ago
    WWE is good but needs to improve on its storylines.If only Eve Torres makes her debut sooner than later and Vince does not wield the axe on any more superstars.
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  • Renae answered 6 years ago
    Its amazing, i mean if you were watching it last year, it sucked, it got so much better this year.
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  • hillbillylana answered 6 years ago
    It's good enough to keep me tuned in. That's what counts I reckon.
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  • thewizard446 answered 6 years ago
    I think its ok but the storylines are non existant and boring. Also they should just scrap the ecw brand because that's just trash.
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  • GuitarHeroExpert answered 6 years ago
    i know that its better than TNA because is all fake and WWE is partially real
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  • magictwig22 answered 6 years ago
    RIGHT now...it's ok, but i thought 2007 was horrible, especially for ecw and smackdown.the whole taping of ecw and smackdown is kinda stupid, it ruins the atmosphere, but my favorite year 4 wwe was 2004/2005
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  • Anonymous answered 6 years ago
    its really cool
    and all the rivalries nowadays keep the WWE going strong and interesting
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  • Jattyt answered 6 years ago
    i think that the wwe is great and have over 50 dvds and watch it each and every week that includes raw, smackdown, ecw and tna
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  • Edgehead M answered 6 years ago
    wwe is good right now it is better than tna wwe should buy tna
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  • ♫♥♫ answered 6 years ago
    Really Good
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  • Romana answered 6 years ago
    it's pretty good on the way up.Stars like Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho are getting a rightful push up to the main event.Matches, feuds,angles & gimmicks are all looking interesting with stars like Lashley returning from injury.Add in the exciting styles of tech action smashmouth style with forthcoming feuds & WWE looks in real good shape.
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  • maxime.ianniciello answered 6 years ago
    it the bomb but i think its starting to get down alitlle all the good superstar are at smackdown but still there should some heros there
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  • Military Chick answered 6 years ago
    It is good!
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  • Triple h** fan answered 6 years ago
    Right now, its ok, it hasnt been doing to well in the year 2007, hopefully, it will be better in 2008!
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  • Street Knowledge answered 6 years ago
    I think it's pretty good right now , but put it against the 1990 to 1999 WWE vs. WCW era , and it looks horrible .
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  • red tiger bomb answered 6 years ago
    its used to be great but now its ok.the rock,hhh,y2j,stone cold,kane,undertaker,hulk hogan those thing used to be great now cena,edge,randy orton they are not that great
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  • Peggy G answered 6 years ago
    Its ok
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  • Wrestling Chick*** answered 6 years ago
    it's good.
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  • brianbuchanan77 answered 6 years ago
    I think it's entertaining. But some storylines go too far, like McMahon's death.


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  • Harry A answered 6 years ago
  • Christmas Man answered 6 years ago
    well wwe is good right now i say
    it isn't as good as the attitude era which was the best time in wwe
    but it is still way better than tna so i say its good right now
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  • moonscope answered 6 years ago
    1. Raw XV was 14 years of great Wrestling entertainment including highlight of limousine exploding the failed Resurrection Storyline! The Son’s of Adam and Eve created wrestling, to-date it's been expanding / reinventing. Enjoyed Wrestling since Vince announced ringside Saturday mornings, on my black and white rabbit-eared TV before cable, following every match Vince Proclaimed "forget about it" his fan base extends Worldwide. Yearly non PPV Tribute to the Troops relates, both his and peoples fearless Proclamation of Reverence! Equating greatness and directing faults Germane, Credit relates from his first day to today, for all the Advancements and assisted Advancements, including lacing-up boots, Icon extraordinaire, still taking bumps.
    2. Personal Best Wrestler's ever {1,2,3, is Vince, Andre' and Benoit.} First Vince Discarded Andre’ the Giants earned Treasure, his Perceived Legacy, lifetime undefeated, his hogan losses were with 24/7 back pain retiring, Vince Trucked him into Ring so he could get-over giving-back, now Deleting Premiere Superstar Chris Benoit's History, following Vince's Forte' alongside Vindication. Historically Superstar's and Icon's have been discarded like yesterday's trash, outside Contract Wrestler's are isolated and unprotected, slight improvements have been recently notated, what you get remaining, is quick-matching Wrestler's jobbing without heart?
    3. The Void' Benoit's departure created on the match card alone, was and is, nearly irreplaceable, surely requiring many laced-up disgruntled Wrestler's to address the Vacuum he left, highlight Benoit's amount and duration of his matches to find standard was 20 minutes minimum, always excruciating, showcased each week, laced-boots every show, top carding PPV's and house-show appearances, unequaled regardless of Venue, beyond duplication, self-sacrificing, in truth with Steroid’s accreditation.
    Fans recall his match skills, toughness, wins and devotion.
    Wrestlers recall his toughness, eagerly jobbing to get-over their match skills, extraordinaire.
    By tally {Obsessed with Wrestling now Online World Wrestling = oww.com} Benoit overworked nearing 350 days per. Year after Year, many/most WWE Wrestler's overwork 300 days per. Year, TNA's addressed the overwork problem, resolving.

    From WWWF to WWF to WWE Here are time-lines relative.
    4. With Hulk Hogan, Ventura and Piper, Vince faces Congress’s inquiry into Steroid Scourged Wrestling Industry.
    Hogan testifies 80 % of Wrestlers use Steroid’s and Vince on occasion supplied his free for the taking.
    Vince’s personally found Guilty by the F.D.A. of Supplying Steroids to Wrestlers, WWF gets trial by jury.
    5. Vince convince the worlds listeners who lack kayfabe understanding, he's started, and is committed to Steroid test Wrestler's. Vince argues to the Fans, People and Press, Wrestling {gimmick} is Entertainment {Story-lined = Kayfabe} not a Sport {Fake = Scripted}.
    WWF Steroid trial went directly from accusation to jury, the only Defense entered was that Wrestling is Entertainment not Sport, so Case is Mute.
    Prosecutor used the words Wrestling and Sport in the Charges, sent to Jury.
    Jury stated after the Trial the Case was Strong but the paperwork Itemized Sports, forcing them First and Foremost, to acknowledge that Wrestling is Entertainment.
    Acquitted Vince walks away, discarding his neck-brace, free from the Regulators and Sports Venue Tax burden on tickets selling prices.
    6. Vince creates his USFL Football League with NBC. At some point WWF/WWE entered the Stock Market, regulated reports are required quarterly, oversights lent to Congressional Regulation and bi-laws {Federal, State and Local} Vested Regulatory by default, contradictory paperwork and filings unsupported by Venue Tax required of Sports, leaving Wrestling self-regulated, posting quarterly reports.
    7. Timed! Baseball and Wrestling suspending Steroid testing, Football scales back, but keeps test enforceable.

    8. Vince's coined the "genetic jackhammer" and Hogan’s 80% estimation of Wrestlers being on Steroid’s increases, leaps and bounds!
    9. Owen Hart Dies in/ring or transit to Hospital, from 50' to75' fall. Icon’ {Refuses to Work, in Ring, for Vince, to-date} Sting’ coined the Rafters to Ring flying entrance, Owen stunt was Tried and Preformed as a Caped Recreation, Arena was dramatically higher, larger Cape worn entangled rigging, quick release failed he landed "Rope to Turnbuckle" area, Fear of stunts revisions {for one Chyna} and Heights {all} was well Conversed {Brother, Icon’ Brett Hart blames touch release} many missed the Travesty watching teleprompter in dim lighting, Crowd cheered Ovation as Owen’s Stretcher was exited. Live PPV only showed Owen's Ambulance's departure, “Kafabed” for being another Wrestler's emergency, disputed with Vince in Canada at Owen’s Wake.
    10. Wrestlers related to Vince, that Owen's Autopsy report warrants corporate intervention, Heart Muscle protection, Vince resumes Steroid testing, few Suspended or fines.
    11. NBC backs out, Vince supports League then USFL Football closes down.

    12. On Raw while kayfabing storyline feud, Benoit' gets fighting mad with best friend Eddie', Airing words similar to {You've been told, to resume will kill you!}
    13. Eddie's found Dead by cousin Chavo' with stockpile of On-line Steroid's near-by.
    14. The WWE begins new Wellness Policy Steroid enforcement, few Suspended or fines.
    15. Deceased, September 2007, Extreme flying head-butt'er, Dewey Robertson in interview promoting his Life after Wrestling book "The Missing Link" about how Steroid's, Scourged his body and livelihood, state's "it's a shame that Eddie was forced to continue, to take Steroid's in order to keep his job!"

    16. January 2007 Chris Benoit's home helping Nancy recouping from Neck reconstructive surgery, his Neck surgery recorded his only actual off-time, extreme dependency on top-carding, overworking, relating to family's Year after Year suffering, {Wellness Policy demanded Steroid Withdrawal compliance, health was misnomer, Name-plated} Nancy requested Chris reduce schedule, trade/transfer was transitioning to accommodate.
    17. Also January 2007 News reports of On-line Steroid's traced from Eddie to Angle {was WWE now TNA}, Orton, Edge and Undocumented Masked' “American and Gangster tattooed,{Blood in Blood out} ” Icon' Giant killer Rey, with more Wrestlers Names to be revealed.
    Steroid's in wrestling investigation encompasses all Sports, Bodybuilders, Police and Firemen, including Congressional investigation of Olympics with Baseball's second review of past reviews.
    Congress is Naming and Sports are suspending, on-going.

    18. Chris Benoit' restocks and display's Steroid's then Kills Wife Nancy, Son Daniel and Self. Assumptively in part, for a change the Steroid Scourged World reason.
    19. Vince deletes Benoit's History, calls him a Monster.
    Lying Cheating Steeling book’ and Sex Drugs Videotape book’, exposes Vince’s inter-workings, only dependents praise, some openly join his Kiss Myass club, Vince’s dysfunctional family’s legendarily exploited, beyond the realm of Storyline promotion. Of course Storylines are gimmicks Kayfabe, but failed Presidential run became Private Spirit-squad Religion, McMahonism once gotten-over transitions reality into Blasphemy, Resurrection gimmicks reinventing.

    20. On CNN remembering Benoit’ John Cena’ and Brett Hart denied the Wrestling Industry’s scourged with Steroid and Substance abuse, or that Chris Benoit was overworked.
    21. Report's reveal Benoit' was aware of being linked to the On-line Steroid Investigation.
    In-time massive Brain Damage and Brain Stem Damage was confirmed, also, his journal relates Depression, Dementia, Delirium and unnaturally talking with Eddie.
    22. Congress sets September first, deadline for the WWE to address Wrestling’s Steroid Scourge. Name’s to be released.
    Vince in the final hour states on-line, that he Suspended NINE Wrestlers released one with more expected.
    Later claims Barney Fife like harassment.
    23. Congress feeds Names, Dates and Id's Drugs to Sports Illustrated and On-line Wrestling Spoiler informer’s, reports of 10, 11, 12 and 13 Wrestler Suspension's. Quoting the WWE Spokesman' Gary Davis the Wellness Policy has three step 30 day, 60 day, fired, Policy!?!
    Suspensions are unpaid leave of absence with Contracts Tabled for revision before returning.
    24. Second week in September, Congress Invites the WWE to set investigation guidelines, previewing chaired attendance, Carlito’ trims Afro.

    25. CNN Death Grip "the Steroid Scourge in Wrestling" reveals Suspension Policy's actually four steps, including first time Warning and Suspensions for detected THC {weed} revised September 2007, to unlimited $1,000.00 fines.
    Cena's interviewed for clarification of his remembering Benoit, denial that Wrestling’s Scourged with Steroid and Substance abuse. Asked directly if he used Steroids his reply was "NO" but {CNN edits his live reply, omitting the "No" posts it’s entirety on cnn.com} challenge made to detect his Steroid use was aired.
    CNN “the most Trusted name in News” for Industry or Man to Proclaim unquestionable dominance, wanton disregard and delusions of grander is assured, evidenced by McMahon like Vindictiveness, Goliaths self-targeting. Also, Vince and Linda McMahon Interviewed!
    26. First week in November as promised the WWE began Naming Wrestlers that failed Wellness Policy test, {Steroids} Two Named, one was in his debut month, the other was a mid-carder at best, to-date that’s it, for TV Stars.
    Clarification of Nine Suspended with tally, is wanted to prove WWE adherence, not Identification, few lack enhancement damage.
    27. Booker T’ Quits, goes to TNA, claiming he took the fall for all the Headlining Superstars and a few mid-carders.
    Truth is his Retirements destined, Third Test Positive, if he serves his Suspension and Steroid problem remained, future is nonexistent, 90 days no pay, return {contract revision} and one strike, after 17 years, gone!
    28. The WWE skirted all Headlining Superstars as reported by Booker T’ some although Named, were coveted from the fan-base by injury time-off like Chavo, Rey, Edge and Orton. Two challenge Steroid’s detection Cena and Batista.
    Two claim Management privileges HHH and Vince himself.
    29. This Monday Vince kafabes insanity gibberish, family enterprise Retentively, then on Tuesday, Congress, Steroids, Baseball, Commissioner and Players, day one, soon to resume January 15, 2008.
    Baseball claims, Oil based Steroid's were detectable in body fluids, but new Water based Steroid's covet body fluid detection.
    30. Steroid's directly degrade the Heart Muscle and internal organs, History of Steroid use is related on X-rays and body scans!
    Person claiming never to have used, needs only to pass Independent Examination, more than body fluid tests, but Equates only to detailed in Hospital Examination, Also, Steroid withdrawal requires Hormone replacement to preserve sexual identity, Monitored legal Prescribed Regimented Steroids, without the enhancement, leaving a paperwork trail.
    31. The attention grabbing tally of Deceased Wrestlers, Marc Mero’s squared-off against, even if Owen, Andre' and more are edited out, still compiles more than a hundred to Young to die Wrestlers. His goals fighting Adolescent Wrestling fans and Adolescent Bodybuilders Steroid use stands merited, centered against the Steroids piloted by The Genetic Jackhammer, not the Wrestling Industry, worldly ramifications assured.
    32. Understanding must be Lent all unique levels of extremes relative to the Wrestling Industry’s bumps. Steroids, Pain Pills and GHB {Ecstasy-date rape drug} all accentuated by the WWE road/work Schedule, Steroids extreme equates up-to 100 times more than ever tested by Science. Pain Pills equate up-to 100 Pills a day. GHB equates to mindlessness extremes.
    Steroids are a cocktail timed Regimented, mismanagement equates if blended with Caffeine, Alcohol, Drugs or other Steroids improperly, guidelines are Voluminous, every advanced stage compounds difficulty tenfold, extreme use is uncontrolled abuse. Rage called Rage/roid is sudden uncontrollable Violence at individually select levels, from none to worst cases reaches extreme family devastation.

    33A. Conjecture! Baseball's Commissioner's Replacement must be mandated, with Steroids an unfair advantage highlighted, and then wrestling faces Congress.
    33B. Conjecture! Congress must highlight wanton disregard, abuse propagation and malicious endangerment of populous by media monodist, at Vince McMahon, theirs no chance for a mandated transfer to allow the WWE profit, it would be circumventing.
    33C. Conjecture! Congress must use its power, directed at the media airing Wrestling shows for the past performances uncensored disregard that propagates Steroid use to youth and Steroid abuse.
    Limited to damage control fine's, costly or instantaneously product will revert to what’s been tried and true copycat style.
    Closure resolve's needed without watchdog duty.
    33D. Conjecture! The WWE must be sub-classified as an Entertainment / Sport, Paying Venue Taxes, requiring retirement, long-term disability and workman’s compensation following OSHA guidelines, Wellness Policy revised!
    33E. Conjecture! TNA must be sub-classified Taxed, with guideline revision and report method directive, following OSHA guidelines.

    34. Vince Renamed Wrestling Sport / Entertainment when the reverse was true, Sportive was coined in the 1920s.
    Best would be "Entertainment / Sport” Venue Taxed and Regulated allowing OSHA, beyond Arena’s in-house OSHA, Retirement and Wellness Policy reform with Workman’s Compensation and Long-term disability.
    35. WWE is the dynasty, including disrespectful privatized HOF inductee control. TNA follows lead. Historically for TNA to establish all encompassing revisions, advantage would have been surrendered. Today their needs expansion, first duplication States away, then reestablishment of original home arena.
    Vince has acquired all worldwide competition, but to use his own words “controversy sells,” TNA is needed to feed and stoke the fuel, absent of revenge TNA’s product develops the following, shared by the WWE in compliment.
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