has anyone ever been to "camp pine acres" for girl scouts in ga? how was it?

has anyone.... if not what camps?

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    1 decade ago
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    Camp Pine Acres is a lovely camp, set on Lake Alatoona. In the last few years, they have built new cabins and a new dining hall, and they have a nice stable and horse trails. It's a bit smaller than the other four camps run by the Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia, but the facilities are top-notch. My daughter attended camp there -- her session concentrated on water sports such as wind surfing -- and loved it. Others did horseback riding, etc. My troop has camped there several times, and we've always had a great tme. On-line registration for summer camp starts on January 22nd. There's a link below that answers some questions about the camp and its activities.

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    I've been there for both training to be the official/certified camper for my wife's troops (she had one for each of our two daughters), and then again camping with the troops. And, also at another camp in West Cobb.

    Both are great. Excellent facilities...remember, this is camping, but the tents are platform types, with limited power and each camp had shower rooms. As the only male during the training, I had the pleasure of having a tent to myself and got to use the shower room first before all the moms got to it (there was only one of me and about 2 dozen of them!) LOL!

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    Girl Scout camps are great! Doesn't matter where the camp is located, you'll have a great summer and wonderful memories for the rest of your life.

    best of luck to you!

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