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Anyone have arowanas for sale??

Does anyone have silver arowanas for sale in springfield massachuetts?? They must be around 1 to 2 inches.


It will be going in a 125. I will upgrade in 4 months.

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    My dear dear, the answer's you've gotten here makes me laugh my butt off. Ok first of, good luck getting an Arowana fry. At 1-2 inches, they will still be attached with a yolk sac, and you're better off just waiting until they are free swimming and yolk sac is absorbed. Most often, you're not even going to see Arowana fry offered for sale at that size.

    Now what fish and the other guy are talking about is stripping Arowana, which is not even something you asked about. No this doesn't kill the fish, and the same concept as Asians apply to South Americans. It makes NO difference. They are both fraternal mouthbrooders. Fry often times, in COMMERCIAL breeders, get stripped out before carrying to term. You are doing yourself and the Arowana a disservice to get them at 1-2 inch range.

    I am selling mine, but I'm in NJ. I have three sub adults in the 12-16 inch range. I want more space to add on a few more different species of cichlids to expand my ads on ebay. I cururently spawn and sell Taiwan Reefs, and albino's of them, Electric Yellows, and am currently tending to a 1 week old brood of Ps. Flavus fry. I'd love to add in a few more africans if I can find a good home for the three bigger Arowana I have.

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    Are you prepared with a 180 gallon tank minimum to house Arowanas? If not, getting aros is not a good idea.

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    youd better be ready to upgrade past 125, cause honestly i say 200 gallons is the minimum. also, please when buying your fish, do not ever buy the fish with the yolk sac still attached. that means they killed the father to get the babies.

    Jeox, you can harvest asian arowana babies, but you have to kill the father if its a silver arowana. they are just to protective. its very sad, and its a horrible practice.

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    Actually, they don't ever need to kill the father. Ive seen how it's done. They just yank his mouth open, and the babies come spilling out.

    BUT the eggsack ones have a poor survival rate.

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