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How did Feds know that Marion Jones lied in the Balco incident?

My original question, was, what made Marion Jones finally admit to using steroids? After much research, I can only see that she tested positive for EPO in June 2006, but then her B sample came negative. Someone else asked the same question, and the response was that Feds were going to indict her for lying in the Balco incident. How did they know that she lied? thanks

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    The owner of Balco, Conte had the schedule and information on her drug use. Her ex-husband also gave information to the Feds on Marion and her coach Graham.

    Conte ratted out everyone he sold to, so he did not get hard time.

    If she had told the truth she would have lost the medals, but would not face any jail time.

    She never failed a drug test, nor did the others that Conte sold to.

    The only way the drug people found out about Balco is that someone sent them a syringe with the drugs in it and told them about it.

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    I am only guessing, but I would think her extreme body had something to do with it. She might be a freak of nature, but no one has ever looked like Marion Jones without chemical help.

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    They had witnesses that could testify against her. Sellers, people that injected her, anyone that seen her with the drugs were questioned. Its just like the baseball report. Its all based on witness observations.

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