how do i fill out a resume for a application for a job as a lawyer?

these spesific areas:

other experiance




I'v never done this!!!!!!!


Hint the words "job as a LAWYER!!!!!!!"

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    Be NICE, y'all. :) I think the person asking is quite young, and this is probably for a school project.

    Here's how it works. It's a bit different from the way a regular resume is written. This is because you have to have certain licenses before you can ever apply for a job as a lawyer. So you won't have an "objective"-- they know you're applying for a job as a lawyer. And you won't have "other experience"-- because they're only interested in your law-related experience.

    You will have:

    Your name

    Education: Where you got your law degree (a juris doctorate or J.D.) and where you graduated from college. It is a good thing to list a high GPA and to be in the top 10% of your class in law school. Also to be on Law Review (this is a prestigious student law publication)

    States Admitted: Which states you are licensed to practice law in.

    Courts Admitted to Practice: In order to work in a court, you must be admitted to it. You are admitted separately to the state courts and to the various federal courts.

    Professional Experience: Your legal experience. Most recent first. It's usually assumed that a lawyer with some experience knows how to do basic papers and pleadings. You want to show them that you have done more than just the basics--that you can take a case or deal all the way from beginning to end successfully.

    Professional Associations: Most states and many counties have a Bar Association (a sort of social/professional/educational club for lawyers). You pay dues and in return get to schmooze with other lawyers, get educational information and advice on building your law practice, etc.

    Interests and Hobbies (or Personal): This is where you tell them something about yourself. It's not REALLY personal, because you don't tell them that you like making cookies and playing Guitar Hero. You want to tell them about hobbies that make you look like you know potential clients or are active in your community.

    References (optional)

    These should be other lawyers who know you and will say nice things about you. Or clients who will say nice things about you. Or people who know you from community activities like church or political rallies.

    It should look something like this. Good luck!

    Jane Doe, Esq.


    Juris Doctorate (2005) University of Pennsylvania Law School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GPA: 3.89. Top 10% of class. Law Review 2004-2005.

    Bachelor's of Arts (2002) Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts.

    State Admissions:

    Member of New Jersey bar (admitted 2006)

    Member of New York Bar (admitted 2007)

    Courts Admitted to Practice:

    State of New York

    State of New Jersey

    United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

    United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals

    United States Supreme Court

    Professional Experience:

    2005-present: Associate Counsel, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, LLC, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    * Began new commercial real estate practice group.

    * Negotiated contracts of sale, purchase options, gaming licenses and stock agreements for multi-million dollar casino purchases in New Jersey and New York markets.

    * As local counsel for international alternative-energy firm, negotiated purchase of property, prepared investment and participation agreements for venture capital investors, and pursued and received state and federal environmental approvals for a 200-acre off-shore wind farm.

    Professional Associations:

    Member, Atlantic County Bar Association. Head of Young Lawyers' Guild and Chairperson of the Atlantic Bar Environmental Group.

    Interests and Activities:

    Member, Atlantic City First Presbyterian Church.

    Founder and President of Concerned Citizens for Wind Power.


    Bob Jones, Esq. <address>

    Jesse and Frank James <address>

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    ok so let me get this right, you passed the bar and now want to see if Law Firms will hire you right? Well I would think its just the same as filling out any other type of resume for anyjob, start with your old job first and work your way from there. Most schools hire right from the Colleges and University's. If you didnt get offers there, hmmm make a list of the Firms in your area and start hunting

  • HINT!

    Answer them one-by-one

    Your career center at your law school should be able to help you walk thru it.

    think it out, relax.

    I was one of those people who did the helping, but over the internet it is just too difficult to lay out

    Think, what is your objective with what type of law you wish to practice, do yo want to be a trial lawyer, consultant, policy advocate, or mediator.

    What classes have you taken that qualify you for this job.

    What sort of internships or volunteer experience do you have under your belt that relates, you have done this sort of work while in school right? If not, WHY NOT?

    Ok, thats a start

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    If you are a new lawyer, put the state where you are licensed at the top of your resume. Everything else is just like filling out a regular resume.

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    Did you sign the universal acknowledgement that asserts which you will face disciplinary action as much as and which contain termination for 'falsifying' counsel on your application? i might propose getting a criminal professional. If the date strengthen into surprising on the resume yet no longer on the app, i could be going to courtroom. the different difficulty is which you would be enable choose for any reason at any time. in case you have a written assertion asserting that the clarification for termination strengthen into falsification of counsel, then i might push the difficulty.

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    something is can't spell experience, you talk about "classes", you don't know your objective, and you don't know that a lawyer is the same thing as an attorney.....maybe you don't know what a CV is either. But maybe you also don't know that you start out at the bottom rung thru buying your way into a law firm. Good luck.

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    Have you been to law school or are you a complete tit ?

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    are you an attorney?

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