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tampons vs. pads -- which floats your boat??

So, tampons vs. pads. Which do you like better and why. Name brands too!!!!!! Which ones have the quietist wrappers, most comfortable, least bulky. Name ones you've tried and didn't like and why too please. Thanks! Just doing some research for myself lol.


and also -- i'm new to all of this so i was just wondering if you can flush tampons (not the applicator). because some packages say that you can, but my mom tells me that they'll clog the toilet. it's really tempting to try, so can you let me know if that's true or not?

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    I use the tempax preal tampon in most. I love them very much than any other. I really trust tampons of lots. When ever I'm on period.

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    Tampons for sure. I like Tampax pearl. The wrappers aren't really quiet though, but you can't feel it once it's in so it's really comfortable! Umm I don't really know about any other ones... the sport ones are supposed to be good but I've never tried them. Pads I use if it's really heavy, but I don't like them very much cause it feels like I am wearing a diaper.. uncomfortable!! If you can find "slimfit" tampons, those are the best! They are smaller and meant for learning how to use or not a heavy flow.. basically teen fit. They are a lot more comfortable, but difficult to find.

    Oh yeah, and you can definitely flush tampons. But make sure that the septic system is good because if you flush too many, the toilet becomes your enemy and it gets all clogged and stuff. But yeah flushing one at a time is totally ok!

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    I have only gone with one brand, but 2 sizes. It's cheaper than the rest, but I have found the brand-name brands to be more longer lasting. I like the walmart brand! For both pads and tampons(which I have always flushed down the toilet ... nothing has happened yet)

    I like tampons better than pads. When I have on pads, I can feel the blood when I sit. But tampons, I don't like because it's hard to tell when its full. Which is why I put on a thin pad under my tampon to ensure that if it does over flow, it won't go everywhere.

    As you know, you can't sleep with a tampon. Which is why i get those super-fat pads (but I only sleep in them). If I'm not in the mood to wear a tampon, I get a regular size pad and stick it on.

    Now, about wings ...

    I HATE wings! HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM! most people call me weird, but I don't like them. So I go with the ones that curve to your body ...

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    I like pads much better. I like the brand Always. I like the ones with wings. And I use medium size ones. Sometimes bigger. But I use small ones on the last day of my period. They are comfy and not bulky. I use medium-sized pads during the day and bigger at night. I think that's the best way to go so that you don't have to get up during the night to change. I'm not quite sure though which ones have the quietest wrappers... those are hard to find... never found one that's quiet. Hope that helps! :)

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    I use Tampaxx Tampons bc they've been around forever and the cardboard applicator is flushable. The paper wrapper is a little noisy but some have plastic.

    I think pads are gross, I only use them when I have really, really severe cramps. When I do use them I make sure that I get hte Always dry-weave.

  • tampons every time, whats the point in putting a pan under a leak when you can plug the hole (sayin curtosy of my nan)

    i find pads uncomfortable and far to big for normal sized undies

    and you can flush tampons most of the time but some loo's tend to throw them back up onthe next flush


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    I would never use a tampons i dont know why i feel that pads are more reliable so i use pads im not a big fan of the large thick pads so i have to use ones with wings that are thin they are comfty for me

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    I personally like both for different reason. I like pads because I know when to change them because I can feel it. I like tampons because you can't feel them at all!

    I use pads when I'm just lounging around.

    I use tampons when I'm out and about at school or shopping with friends.

    The tampons I use are Tampax pearls or Tampax compax. They both work very well for me (:

    Also (I know this doesn't have to do with this question) try midol for your period pains. Take it the day you start your period and it will help you and you take 2 a day to help you.

    If you get pains and aches before your period try midol pre-menstrual symptom .

    The pads I use are always cleans because they come with an individual wipe to clean yourself when your done (:

    Hope I helped!

    If you have anymore questions visit or

    just email me (:

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    I prefer the always pads with wings that are super thin... If I can't change/freshen up every 2-3 hours I will use a tampon/liner.

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    Pads for heavy period and tampons for light. Always thin for pads and tampax for tampons. Always are thin but are good for absorbing, and they dont bulge. And they have all sizes, like long and short, with wings, and that helps.

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