Which restaurants will accept checks?

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My checks DO:
Have my driver's lisence number printed on them
Match my ID address/name

But they DON'T:
Exceed the 500's
match my delivery address
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I don't think any restaurants accept checks anymore. Too many people bounce them, and then don't make good on them and that's a big financial burden to a business. You'd have to check with any individual establishments in your area.
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  • juniejuly answered 6 years ago
    I believe restaurants want cash or credit cards now, too many bouncing checks!....................................
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  • Sue answered 6 years ago
    Which restaurants where?
    I don't think too many take them anymore. I got one to take mine when my check card didn't work (bank had cancelled it due to potential account compromise and I didn't get the letter)....basically they only took it b/c I told them it was "take it or don't get paid".
    Usually if an establishment accepts checks, the check# shouldn't matter as long as it is not a temporary check. Address should be printed on them and match your ID. They may want you to write your phone# as well.
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  • winter_spice78 answered 6 years ago
    None that I'm aware of
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