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Do you know what the law is regarding seat belts?

I took 3 over 60's out in the back of my car and one of them refused to wear a belt. Was it my responsibility to make her wear it?


Just to qualify the question I live in the UK

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    my god why are half you lot on the road, page 32 new highway code THE LAW, and same as the old highway code, if fitted all passengers over 14 MUST wear a belt. the fine goes to the passenger if not worn, yet fitted,

    HIGHWAY CODE BOOK £2.50 get reading

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    Speaking for NYC, the seat belt law is as follows:

    All vehicle occupants under the age of 16 MUST wear their seat belt, or the DRIVER of the vehicle is responsible for the summons.

    Anyone over the age of 16 not wearing a seat belt will bear the responsibility of the summons.

    Any child not secured in an appropriate child seat, the driver will be penalized +3 points along with the fine.

    While it's not your responsibility to make her wear it, it's your responsibility to remind her WHY she should wear it (safety, financial reasons, whatever). You could do what some of the posters said and take the hard line and just not drive her around. Your car, your rules.

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    You are not responsible for a passenger over the age of 14 who refuses to wear a seatbelt. The person who doesn't wear a seatbelt is the one who will be fined if caught by the police. You also have to keep a seatbelt on if sitting in a stationery car. This is in case some dope hits you from behind.

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    I think a passenger over 14 is responsible for his or herself safety regarding belts. As a driver you are only responsible for under 14's.

    If you feel that the passenger should have warn the belt maybe you should consider telling someone else so they could convince them . It doesn't seem fair to just force them.

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  • reggie
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    If the vehicle has seatbelts they should be worn, however, the driver is only legally responsible to ensure that children wear belts. If an OAP refused to wear one, you would not be liable in the event of an accident etc.

    Lots of different ages quoted here - in UK it's 13

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    Yes, as the driver, it is your responsibility to make sure all your passengers are wearing seat belts. If that happens again, tell whoever who refuses to wear one, that you will not start the car until he/she does.

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    In the UK you are only responsible for children. Adults who refuse to wear them would be the ones getting the ticket from mr.plod not you.

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    No....not your responsibility but wise to advise all to wear seatbelts. You as the driver are responsible for anyone under 14 years of age to use the correct restraint, seat, belt etc.

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    Yes- It is the Law.

    What if they were kids- would that have been any different?

    If you were in a accident and they were hurt, you as the driver of the car would be held responsable.

    If a Cop saw you, as the driver, YOU would get the ticket. ("click it or ticket" is the slogan here in Cali)

    Also- unbelted people can also be "flying" people, and harm others in the way if you are in a crash- and it is the unbelted people that almost always die- even when others walk away without a scratch.

    My Grandparents never wanted to buckle up when they got in the car with us, and my parents refused to start the car and go until everyone was buckled up. They were "put out" at first, but my parents were driving, and it was "my car my rules" and that is the way it is.

    It is harder for older people to get this sometimes. They grew up in a era that didn't have seatbelts most of the time- the cars didn't even COME with seatbelts- let alone have a law about using them. They are required, and if you are driving them, tell them that as a responceable driver you will not drive when you are drunk, when you are tired, or when others in the car are not buckled up.

    It is better to make them mad, than to have them die (or you get a huge fine)

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    No, you are only responsible for ensuring that people 16 and under wear them!!!

    Reading all the different responses, just goes to show that the requirements to wear seatbelts, is different in various states, provinces and countries.

    Source(s): Part time taxi driver - who is required to enforce it!!!
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