My Left hand Pinky and ring finger are slightly numb?

I am having issues with part of my left hand feeling numb.

It is mostly my pinky, some of my ring finger, and part of my hand in that area. It feels like it is traveling almost to my elbow.

I have been really sick for the last 5 days and I have been doing nothing but sitting on the couch and I am still coughing hard, so I have to sleep sitting upright.

Sometime yesterday I noticed the wierd feeling in my hand. It is not really cold, or fully numb, but those fingers feel like they are about to fall asleep (without a tingle feeling). This has lasted all of last night, and is worse this morning.

What do you think may be the casue? I do not want to scare myself, so I am thinking that all the sitting had probably pinched a nerve somewhere, and that is why I am numb. Has anyone had this and what did you do?

(Going to the DR will not work- my insurance is canceled tell I can make a payment and the payment office has been closed for 4 days and will not open for another 2!)


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    it is a pinched nerve in your cervical i ruptured one in my neck and after they fused it together with plates i only got my index fingers and my thumb on both ands back to normal the rest of my fingers feels like yours mine are permanent but yours you laid on it wrong but if it continues see a doctor if there is damage chances that's about as bad as it gets the doctors know which cervical most generally by which fingers are affected and how far up it is if worse comes to worse they will probably put electrodes on in or i guess needles with a little electricity to see which nerves are affected but use a heating pad and relax the nerve will probably unwedge itself

  • Rose
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    4 years ago

    I am 27 weeks pregnant and get numbness/ tingling/ pins and needles in my left hand. Just the left one, it often happens in the morning after I have woken up so I know its not the way I slept. I asked my midwife and she said it was normal. But if you feel strange about it a quick call to the doctor won't hurt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A pinched nerve is what is sounds like to me. Sleeping on the couch puts pressure on the arm or shoulder or neck that isn't normal.

    Try some stretching exercises to get the blood flowing, or a hot shower or warm bath.

    And of course, don't sleep on the couch anymore.

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    Acupuncture, which involves inserting thin needles into various points on your body, may reduce peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

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    See a doctor immediately!!!

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