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Hair Coloring what is the difference between Ash and Golden?

I have dark brown almost black hair but I like my hair to be light almost blonde.

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    Ash uses green, blues and violet bases to drab out any warm tones in the hair.

    Golden is a yellow base that will impart gold tones to nuetral color browns and blondes

    Source(s): Cosmetologist 30 years
  • Ash has no tint to it unlike red and golden, if you notice, most likely the boxes have the same shade but with all three hues. If you are jumping shades to go lighter, DO NOT give into the temptation do get it from a box. First of all, ash when not used in the right setting will turn you hair green because it covers up the other hues. I have never had really good experiences with store hair dye, what you get and what's on the box are drastically different. Save your money or you'll be back here with a question titled, "Help! I dyed my hair and need to get it out!" Guaranteed.

    Source(s): The plain brown locks that I pay good money to keep plain.
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    You'll have to bleach it first to get it a lighter color, then use a blonde color hair dye over the bleach. Going dark to blonde is very tricky, and if you don't already know the difference between ash and golden tones, you should let a professional do this for you. There's just too many ways you can mess it up if you're not experienced.

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    Ash Gold Hair Color

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    If you have a tendency to get a red tint to your hair while dying it, you always get Ash. The ash is what I have always used because I don't look good with a red tinge.

    Otherwise golden is lighter. If you don't want a red tint, you can find golden ash, or something similar.

    Good Luck

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    Ash usually has shades of red in it. If your hair is really dark, it is going to be hard to get it blonde without buying one of them that is specifically for blonde hair, it has extra ingredients to really bleach the hair. They are a lot harsher than the normal over the counter dyes.

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    Well first of all, it's going to be hard to get from that dark to blonde, I would go get it done. But Ash Blonde is darker than Golden.

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    Ash counteracts red tones and golden will add warm tones such as red, orange and gold. If you have natural dark hair you will have to use bleach to get it blonde, so go to a professional.

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    Well! I have had my hair both colours!

    they are both a type of blonde but ash has a more hazy look to it like this..

    and golden, well that pretty much says it all it has a more golden touch to it..

    They are both healthy colours for the hair, just be sure you do not BLEACH your hair.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ash is a subdued look and Golden gives a brighter hue of the same color. Did you ever see those blond girls who look like they could have platinum hair if it were brighter? That's ash.

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