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Cycling a 76L Tank?

According to some conversion website, 76.2 Litres is 20.13 US Gallons or 16.76 UK Gallons. (Why do you have different Gallons, omg you imperial measurement system people are crazy :P).

Anyway, I'm planning to cycle the tank for about 4 weeks then add fish slowly at about 2 fish/week until it's stocked. I've currently got the cover open - is this necessary? I heard it helps in the evaporation of chlorine from the water, although I have already treated the water with a de chlorinating chemical. Also, do you need a surge protector for aquarium electronics, or will a normal power board suffice?

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    Yeah your cycling procedure sounds perfect :)

    If you've already added dechlorinator to the water, leaving the cover off isn't necessary, but if it's more convienient for you for some reason it won't hurt.

    And with the surge protector - if have one lying around or want to invest in one it certainly won't hurt - it'll prevent any damage. Saying that, where I live I have surge protected all my electronics and in 18 years nothing has happened. It can't hurt, so I'd go for it :)

    Good luck!

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    You don't need the cover open. If chlorine is going to evaporate it will do it anyway. The cover is not air tight. You might want to close it because the water can get quite an odor during cycling.

    I have my stuff all on a power bar with a surge protector but not for the surges but because if I need to shut it down I can turn it all off with the flip of one switch.


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