My husband hasnt had sex with me for 2 months. Why??

He wanks almost everyday and looks at internet porn? He never asks me for sex anymore. I know he isnt cheating because he is always on time from work and he is not acting suspicious at all. He loves female wrestling, legs in stockings, dancers and girls that are fit. I am not ugly, in fact I have been told several times I am the hottest female that a man has ever seen. I work out reguarly. I just dont get it. Has he grown bored of me? I use to wear stockings for him all the time but now he has kinda lost interest stopped asking and started going on the net more. Every other aspect of our relationship is normal. I am starting to feel like a roommate or friend? Is this normal? We got married this year if it makes a difference?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He is, what he does. A Wanker!!

    This type of guy is the one that makes women think that ALL men are animals. Porn is the weaklings way out of having a real relationship, with a real woman. Porn is for men who are unable to be real men. Porn is for men who can't get it usually, so, if he can get it freely from you, his loving wife, I'm afraid that you have picked a loser there, my poor girl. It's not going to get any better until HE deals with it, not YOU. If you are putting in an effort to draw his attention away from porn, as you say you are, then he needs a good kick in the goo-lies, to jump start him again into real life. I'd try some sort of shock treatment, if regular attempts like communication & counselling fail. He should think himself lucky that his wife is wanting a love life, when there are stacks of loving guys out there, stuck in loveless relationships with cold, hard, half women, disguised as wives. Another sad case of destructive incompatibility. Why can't all the cold men, marry the cold women, and like wise for the loving men & women. Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    Do you ever initiate? He may have an addiction to internet porn which will impede a normal sex life. He has fetishes which are fine, but if he no longer desires you it may be a variety of reasons. And just because he comes home from work on time doesn't mean he isn't cheating. I'd suggest you initiate more and if he rejects you then you have to ask the tough questions and be prepared to make some tough decisions. Either you are his wife, or his roomate, and I don't think you want to be his roomate. Good Luck hon.

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    1 decade ago

    Ask him if he is still attracted to u. Get the Internet disconnected and maybe suggest marriage counselling to him as it seems that he's not into u physically anymore and that puts a big strain on a relationship and worse on a marriage. It seems that he has now married u and doesn't need u for sex anymore.....sounds like he may have done this b4 u two met and stopped when u came along.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is a difference between dating and marriage. Marriage can take a lot of sex out of a relationship. So can work, boredom, and general exhaustion. I would actually encourage his interest in porn. I would get involved in it. Find out what makes him tick. Maybe he's embarrassed to tell you what makes him hot. Who knows?

    Once you have that info., you can make all his dreams come true. He knows the you he sees every day. What about the creative lover who is waiting for him in something hot and sexy? What about the lover who is willing to explore unusual fantasies? You may find that if you open that door for him, he will open the door of connectedness to you.

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  • 3 years ago

    No! he isn't dishonest on you. he's definitely being relatively supportive. i'm at the instant 30 weeks pregnant and my husband and that i've got purely had intercourse thrice in view that i found out at 6 weeks. it is been approximately 3 months in view that we've had intercourse. My husband additionally feels weird and wonderful approximately having intercourse with the aid of fact the toddler is interior me and he would not experience good doing it in the presence of our newborn. possibly that would desire to be it with your husband too. it is stable however with the aid of fact it potential he's already coming up a paternal bond and needs to guard you guy's newborn from grownup acts (even however the toddler will have no clue what is going on.) it is relatively candy once you think of roughly it. do no longer hassle. i understand you probable experience out of place on your physique being pregnant and that i understand for me besides, it makes me insecure. Your husband loves you and purely the jerks cheat on their different halves while they are pregnant. There are extra superb men obtainable than jerks so I doubt your husband is between the few actual jerks. You men would be back to having intercourse like known after the toddler comes. No concerns.

  • 1 decade ago

    well the best way to end his internet porn is for you to do something to get him off the net, I would suggest that when your in the mood and he gets on the net to look at porn, strip down naked and begin to touch yourself right in font of him, He will be what the heck is this my wife? and go with it from there, I guarntee this will work, and if for some reason it doesnt get his attention, dont quit until you have achieved orgasm right in front of him, It sounds crazy but it will work. and it will be without confrontation also

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you married to my 1rst husband?! You just described him.

    He was addicted to porn, & it gets worse as time goes on. Eventually , like any addiction, you need more & more, & wilder, so he will end up cheating. I left mine after 14 yrs.of marriage & 3 kids because I realized he wouldn't change. His present GF is dealing with the same crap I did, & she puts up with it. I couldn't.

    P.s. I agree with fla, loose the computer. Problem is, porn is all over. He'll find another way.

  • 1 decade ago

    He's probably going through a phase where he feels a little bored, or unamused. He probably misses the single life a bit. Just give him time, and let him have a night out with the guys. Chances are he'll be happy to come home to you after you give him space. Or think up ways to kink up your sex life..

  • 1 decade ago

    He is too tense. Remember to take regular vacation at new places. Not only your sex life will be better (having sex at different places rather than the bed room all the time [ note: i am not suggesting it is no fun], it will act as stimulus to your marriage. Always think of sth. new for him. Talk more, care more.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get involved, on/with his porn.

    Yes "service" him while he watches porn.

    " Distract " him back .

    Even if you don't like it , fake it diligently

    Don't ask , just go rite over and get involved and help him while he watches.

    Sounds crazy but your like his sister now

    He loves you.......Really Deeply

    But , your growing up together (again.... in another dimension of life)

    Accept him........ let him know your "alive" and well ,there (still seeing and understanding him) also.

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