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成日看外國片都有D好危急既關頭﹐ 例如一個地方好唔安全﹐要盡快離開﹐就會有個人講﹕let's get XXXXXXXX, (XXXXXXX=唔知咩字﹐聽唔清楚﹐應該唔止一個字﹐應該唔係let's get away, 成個 XXXXXXX 聽起黎個音有少少似 ha wa ii~呢三個音)



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    The sentence should be "LETS GET OUTTA HERE".

    It means let's get out of here, but if you say it faster/more conversational, it will sound like 'let's get outta here'. Just like 'KINDA also means KIND OF.

    In Cantonese, people would say 啫呢 it actually means 即係呢, both meanings are the same.

    其實 'outta 同 'out of' 係一樣意思. 就好似

    - 啫呢 = 即係呢

    同加強語氣冇關, 但係就同口語化有關. 所以好多時作文係唔會用到 (outta, kinda...etc), 除非文章裡面包括口語化對話.

    hope that helps.

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    let`s go

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    go out quick!!

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    let's go away! Hurry up!

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    Let's get going / Let's get going now.


    get 本身為動詞

    後而所接的可以係to-infinitive 或 動名詞


    let's get going 意思為 "讓我們怏點走吧"

    如果你聽到d 電影呢句野時個字有幾個音,

    呢 d 應該係美式發音, 令你誤會佢講左好多未

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    let's get out oever here.

    其中, GET OUT OVER中三個字是連讀的,所以聴起來就和你聴到的差不多,

    而且連讀如果不是english native speaker或外語專業的人會比較少注意到.

    2008-01-01 23:11:29 補充:

    美國口語中: 好多人中意將: come here, 講成: come over here,而over在這裡是沒有實際意思,衹起到加強語氣的作用.

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    Let's get out of here

    usually you pronounce it

    'Let's get outta here!'

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