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Diana puts an unmarked thermometer in melting ice,10℃ water & 40℃ water and the lengths of the liquid column are l1, l2, l3 respectively. Which of the following is correct?

A. 13 = 4 l2 + l1

B. l3 = 4 l2

C. l3 = 4 l2 - 3 l1

D. I3 = 4 x ( l2 - l1 )

the ans is C. I'd like to know the reasons behind...


y only minus l1 on right hand side

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    l3 = 4 l2 - 3 l1



    l3 is four times larger than l2

    thus, l3=4 l2

    and, since it is an unmarked thermometer, we need to minus the temperature of melting ice to have an accurate distance. It's because melting ice in different air pressure and room temperature has different degree.

    l1=melting ice

    thus, l3=4 l2 - 3l1

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