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歐洲各個強權對美洲殖民的熱潮是在哥倫布發現美洲大陸之後開始的,在那之後大量的歐洲殖民者來到了美洲,也開始了哥倫布交流時期(Columbia Exchange),進而改變了美洲大陸的歷史。

“在從前無人來到的地方,我們希望移植一個民族。” 十七世紀初,英國開始向北美殖民。最初的北美移民主要是一些失去土地的農民,生活艱苦的工人以及受宗教迫害的清教徒。在殖民地時代,伴隨著與北美洲原住民印第安人的長期戰爭,嚴重的勞力缺乏產生了像奴隸和契約化奴役這類的非自由勞力,而英國政府的放任政策則讓特有的美利堅精神與文化得以發展出其獨特性。萬惡的黑奴貿易在美國盛行起來。從1607年到1733年,英國殖民者先後在北美洲東岸建立了十三個殖民地,後來,這些殖民地便成為美國最初的十三個州。


美國在獨立前是英國殖民地,稱「北美十三州」,自一七七六年一月二日開始,使用一面英國國旗加上十三條紅白條紋的旗幟,稱為「大聯邦旗」(The Grand Union Flag),七月四日獨立建國後仍繼續使用。


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    Those who immigrated in a large amount of Europe changed the history of the American Continent coming to the United States, starting Columbus, exchanging time (Columbia Exchange), and one step willingly with the first, and ..drinking..At then Columbus after having discovered the American Continent against American each state power of Europe rose to immigration.

    We ..".. hope to transplant one race in the provinces that not are ..the person who comes in old times...When the 17th century is begun, Britain..".. starts to immigrate toward North America. Because some chiefly lose the farmer in land as for the migrant in the first North America, the worker who is hard in life receives the Puritan of the persecution of the reaching religion. Serious manpower runs short along with a war long-term with American Indian of the aborigine in North America like manpower that is not these freedoms that give birth and are overworked like the slave and the slave etc. of making to the contract in the colony in the age, and the government in Britain lets the peculiarity alone in the spirit and the culture that Biki to which the policy is peculiar is stiff and it is let alone to begin to develop. It begins ..villainy.. to trade An ..saying.. Dorei actively in the United States. Those who immigrate in Britain do before the aspect, establish the colony of 13 from 1607 to 1733 in the North America east shore, and these colonies become the first 13 of the United States states.

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