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    Once I visited abroad, when I was in the third grade, I came into

    contact with a stewardess first time. At that time I felt she was so

    pretty in the elegant uniform. Speaking English fluently, she servived

    the passengers on the plane. I admired her so much that I hoped I

    could be a stewardess as well.

    Actually, I am very interested in English. I often like to see foreign

    movies and listen to western music. I went to English cram school

    when I was in the junior high.Then I found English was so important.

    From then on, I learned English harder and harder, and even wanted to

    deeply explore the culture background. This helped me be closer to my


    Now I know that being a stewardess is not such a simple thing.

    They have to understand everything on the plane, including the

    structure of the plane and something necessary to know about security.

    All of these stand for the professional ability of a stewardess.

    So far I am still a student and my optional subject is foreign

    language. This can be helpful for the relative job in my future. There

    are also some subjects about the aviation in my school. I will improve

    myself in this area. I hope I can make a good use with the abilities I

    learned to my job in the future.

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    Small three that years, go abroad to play once, come in contact with a stewardess for the first time, feel that time the stewardess is very beautiful, wearing beautiful uniform, saying fluently English to contribute efforts to the on board passenger, from mental-envy, hope the one fine day can become being a stewardess.

    In fact, oneself very interested in English, the peacetime also likes to watch very much foreign movie and listen to western music.Junior high school, I repair English, the that time just knows the importance of English, after that, I make great effort more to learn English, even going more thorough understand its cultural background.Therefore deepen me to carry out this ideal.

    Feel now the stewardess is to wear beautiful uniform, serving a passenger so and simply, and wanting to master to fly on board business, the structure of model, fleeing for life must know an etc..These various professional technical abilities which all represent cabin attendant.

    Currently still in the study, is also take an elective subject a foreign language department, working on a related work to the future can have a help, the school also has the related subject of aviation, I will strengthen this type of knowledge realm.Hope to work on stewardess' this duty in the future, I learn of the technical abilities are all exertive on the work.



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