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不斷詢問著Alex有關於電腦的事情(ex: 重開機是否可以解決、線是否連結妥當、插頭有無插好……)最終還是找不出原因,只好打通電話請求Amy的幫忙。








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    This is a common playlet within office life.

    At the beginning of story, there is something wrong with Alex's PC. Gus、Sandy are communicating with Alex about problem shooting. (ex. can reboot work, is cable connected OK or is power supply ready...) Eventually the problem root cause is not discovered, he calls Amy to request help.

    Amy assists to find out lost documents, but later Gus's computer also gets problem when he is doing proposal. Again Amy fix the problem and goes back to her table. One more time she is called to boss's office because boss's computer also encounters little problem.

    After Amy resolves boss's computer problem, she mentioned about raise in salary incidentally. However boss rejects to discuss this issue and expel her with a roar of anger.

    Amy really upsets with that and Sandy comes to figure out why. Sandy thinks this is communication problem and should have a further discussion with boss again. Without clear communication, this matter becomes even negative and distrustful between each other . It's very important to clarify boss's attitude and thinking to this issue.

    Later on Amy decides to discuss this issue again with boss in earnest, boss realizes her hard working and commit to give a raise in salary based on her job performance.

    What we have learned from this playlet is communication is very important and useful, everybody should learn to take advantage of it. Things cannot be fully clarified without clear communion, it is essential to all of us.

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    This playlet talks about a common scenario within office life.

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