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(hello everyone…我現在要演講的主題是『溫室效應』







可以幫我把( )內的文章翻成英文嗎?





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    Hello everyone, my name is XXX. My topic of the day is "GreenHouse Effect".

    I am sure that everyone present has heard of "Greenhouse Effect", it is one of the most pressing environmental problem being tackled globally today. However, few know the extent and the seriousness of this problem.

    Do you know? Due to the melting of the glaciers, sea levels have soared to new highs. As a result of this, the country of Tuvalu, geographically situated on a lowland, is facing the risk of being submerged underwater in the next 50 years. Why do a country that virtually do not create any pollution, have to suffer such a fate?

    Not only that, due to rising temperatures and increased bodies of surface water, this in turn is creating extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Katrina, which saw the devastation of homes and families and incurrance of huge economic losses.

    There is also a noted increase in evaporation, leading to heavy rainfall which in turn causes massive soil erosion and ultimately impacting the environment leading to landslides and deforrestation.

    In addition, the retreat and melting of glaciers not only causes flashfloods and glacier lake overflows, there are observations that it creates huge variations in waterflows of rivers. Increased melting would cause higher flows for the next few decades before drying up as the glaciers are totally depleted. Causing major rivers such as the Ganges, Indus, Yangtze, Yellow and Mekong to dry up, cutting off water supplies to billions living around the drainage basin of these rivers.

    Henceforth, as countries who are major contributors to world pollution, is it time for us to sit down and reflect on what we need to do?

    Source(s): Myself and wiki
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