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Xbox 360 HD DVD Player difference???

I´ve got a xbox 360 premium, and i was wondering would it play HD dvds at HD Quality? (i have a hd tv) or would i have to buy the xbox hd dvd player?...i thought hd is built into the xbox so i can play hd movies...but ive seen a hd dvd player for xbox :S

Someone help me please!


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    The xbox360 can play dvds, but not hd-dvds unless you buy that hd dvd player for xbox... But it's probably just as good buying a standalone hd-dvd player, which is what I would do =)

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    you will have to buy the hd dvd player to be able to play hd dvds I have one, and also a PS3 Blu-Ray is by far the best as far as Hi-Def goes on movies but don't get me wrong I love my 360 too

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    you can the same type of hd-dvd player at wal-mart for half the price...

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    You would have to buy a separate HD DVD Player which is attached to your X-Box 360 through USB.

    It's prudent to check the X-Box site for more information.

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    The HD dvd player isn't that great if you have an HD T.V its not worth buying because the picture is the same. I think its a total waste of money. Also your xbox plays the dvds.

    Source(s): I own one.
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