American Mcgee's Alice (PC game help)?

i recently got the PC game American Mcgee's Alice. Now for those of you who have it or have played it before i need some help here.

i've had a horrible computer problem (many viruses) in the past and i'm worried about installing or loading anything into my PC.

so here are a few questions i have that i'd appreciate answered :

1) when i install the game onto my computer do i have to put the cd in the harddrive to play it in the future of will the entire game be downloaded into my computer

2) what do they exactly mean by installing or downloading the game (or what are any risks of that)

3) now i've tried to run the disc before but chickened out when the program wanted to download sertain software to my PC. can you give me a little detail of what these softwares are and if i even need them ( DirectX 7.0 graphics card, macromedia shockwave player, adobe acrobat reader 4.0)

4) i'd love any advice, details, and tips for installing the game (thankyou)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh wow, I miss that game, uses the old Quake 3 engine too. Anyhow, back to your question. It is safe to Install the game on your computer. Installing the game pretty much takes all the necessary files from the disc and moves it on to your computer (hard drive). After Installing the game the CD is probably required to play it. All you would have to do is enter the CD anytime you feel like playing the game. If you have bought the game retail there should be no viruses/Trojans included. If you have downloaded the game but purchased it, it should be fine as well. If you have illegally downloaded the game there is a high chance of corrupt or missing files or viruses. The only risks of installing the game to your computer is that you will be using your storage space on your hard drives. That is not a bad thing, unless you don't have enough space. To answer part (4) of your question the software necessary for running the game would just be DirectX 7, but I recommend downloading the latest directx which is DX9 unless you have a DX10 enabled video card. Macro media Shockwave player shouldn't be required. Adobe Acrobat is also unnecessary but it is a good tool to have if you choose to read .pdf files, or the read me for the game. Good luck and enjoy the game! If there's something further you need to know please feel free to ask. is my windows live messenger e-mail.

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