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What is YOUR defination of fate?

Don't give me the actual defination.

I want to hear YOUR defination of fate

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    Aha! An important question to me.

    I believe I have a fate, a destiny. A future that awaits me.

    BUT I believe that this is true because I have made a choice, and I chose to be something in the future. I believe I have a fate because of my actions and choices. The future exists and won't change, but that is because by choosing WHO I am, I am choosing what actions I will make and thereby my destiny.

    I believe I am destined for something, and I believe I know what it is. But I believe that this is so because I chose to believe it, to create it.

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    More than defining it, one should believe in his/her fate. This is my idea of fate and the respect I give it.

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    Fate is a destination. The series of events that have occurred in the past that one has passed and the events that one is making decisions on today.

    Fate is dominoes falling against each other in a chain of causation.

    Fate is the result of good or bad decisions made on the spur of the moment when you seriously need to go to the bathroom but cannot spare the time because you're in the middle of a raid and all the other team members are depending on your toon to heal them.

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    Fate is a past tense term used to describe the future, before it became the past.

    E.G: He was fated to make that mistake

    It refers to when someones actions or activities forced something upon them.

    It's partner word, Destiny is a present tense word used to describe a predictable future due to ones actions or activities.

    E.G: He is destined to make that mistake

    This is because I don't believe in all that 'your future is chosen for you' stuff. It doesn't make any sense to me.

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    Fate is a slightly different version of somthing that you had in mind.

    It's the thing in life that happens to you while you were waiting for something in life to happen to you.

    It's all those things that your mother warned you about.

    It's Gods sense of humor.

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    Human Supremacy is fate for Humans. If not being sarcastic will elaborate further. Defined as belief everyone everything is controlled by Humans that this is to be fate of Nature.

    Source(s): Human Supremacy Belief
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    That something is supposed to happen no matter what. And sometimes we use fate as a way of hidding the fact that what we did was the wrong thing to do and say it was just fate, nothing u could do about it. But i think fate is not written for us yet, we can change it with each and every decision we make. =]

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    I always regarded this to be Winston Churchill's thoughts on fate:

    "Almost the the chief mystery of life is what makes one do things. Let the reader look back over the path he has traveled and examine searchingly and faithfully the reasons, impressions, motives, occasions which led him to this or that decisive step in his career. Sometimes he will find that people that impressed him least influenced him most. Small people, casual remarks, and little things very often shape our lives more powerfully than the deliberate, solemn advice of great people at critical moments. Men and women as often as not address themselves to serious emergencies with resolution and with a conscious desire to choose the best way. But usually in our brief hazardous existence some trifle, some accident, some quite unexpected and irrelevant fact has laid the board in such a way as to determine the move we make. We have always to be on our guard against being thrown off our true course by chance and circumstance; and the glory of human nature lies in our seeming capacity to excercise conscious control of our own destiny. In a broad view, large principles, a good heart, high aims, a firm faith, we may find some charts and a compass for our voyage. Still, as we lean over the stern of the ship and watch the swirling eddies in our wake, the most rigid and resolute of us must feel how many currents are playing their part in the movements of the vessel that bears us onwards."

    Source(s): 'Thoughts and Adventures' by Winston Churchill
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    fate is destiny

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    Fate is the idea that there is or are prescribed or critical ends to phases or your life that are unalterable and will happen no matter what.

    It implies that not all events are critical and full of meaning as no one has proposed the idea that I was detined to poo after I'm done typing this. They divine this as unimportant and not related to fate.

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