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Taking good care of your teeth ($200 toothbrush, 3 minute brushing, not too hard) vs. whitestrips, trays, etc.

I have white teeth but I want them brighter (like the celebrity's teeth), and I was wondering what would you prefer, taking good care of your teeth (I was planning on buying a $200 SoniCare toothbrush) or using those whitestrips, trays, etc.?

I already have a $20 Oral-B toothbrush. I brush in the morning with Crest VividWhite toothpaste from 1.5~3 minutes and after that I use Crest Whitening mouthwash for 1 minute. Before going to sleep, I brush my teeth with Crest VividWhite Night toothpaste from 1.5~3 minutes and after that I use Crest Glide Floss with Scope on all my teeth, then I use the Crest Whitening mouthwash for 1 minute.

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    The Crest White Strips and other home whitening products do work. I have used several of them. I know they work because I have two bonds, and after is used the white strips my teeth got so white the bonds stuck out like a sore thumb so I stopped using them. So yes they work.

    As for the expensive toothbrush DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Consumer Reports Magazine did a huge study on manual toothbrushes vs all types of motorized toothbrushes and the result was that the normal dollar toothbrushes clean your teeth way better than electric toothbrushes. CRM does not take any advertisements so they can't be bought off by any companies pushing their products, and their tests are done by dentists.

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    You're wasting your money on a $200 toothbrush. The $20 Oral-B toothbrushes, when used properly, get your teeth just as clean. You need to take good care of your teeth regardless. There's no point in having super white teeth if they're decayed and you have periodontal disease. So brush at least twice a day and floss every day and get regular cleanings. Bleaching works well on most people who have coffee/tea/food stains. : )

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    6-month check-ups are essential. Avoid coffee, tea, colas, red wine, if possible. Actually, Sonicare professional is very good. I prefer the Ultreo, however. The mouthwashes are probably okay, but are really for maintenance. DON'T FORGET TO FLOSS!! The whitestrips are very low dose, so your results will be subtle. For dramatic whitening, either professional whitening or Lumineers, if that is really your desire.

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    I think you'd be wasting your money on a $200 toothbrush. Any toothbrush is fine. The main thing is to brush twice a day, floss and visit a dentist twice a year. What you're already doing sounds great. If you want your teeth any whiter, you could always ask your dentist to recommend something.

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    If you are willing to spend $200 on a toothbrush why not ask your dentist how much they charge for a cleaning.

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