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Best Russell Brand DVD?

Whats the best russell brand dvd? Im a new fan to him and i know hes got a few out so which is the best?


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    Russell Brand doing life or just Russell Brand live

    they are both amazing, he is amazing ... lol

    Only downside is he likes to repeat his jokes alot so in 'Doing life' hes telling a few of the same jokes as in 'Live'

    But being a huggee Russell Brand fan, I don't care :]

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  • 1 decade ago

    Russell Brand Doing life DVD is so funny. He is a comic genius and has a beautuful way with words. You can see lots of clips on you tube too he was also very funny on Jonathan Ross.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Russell Brand Doing Life..

    And yeah hes really funny on jonathan ross.

    You should get his book as well =]

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  • 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, i comprehend Russell form! i'm British btw. He became the greater suitable element of the VMAs! the rest became insufferable ordinary crap! of direction i got here across him humorous interior the previous the VMAs, and he did not insult 'u . s .', he purely mocked Bush (your VERY unpopular President) and had a chortle with the Jonas Brothers. What makes you think of of he insulted u . s .? He likes it over there. And in case you think of of the the the remainder of the international have not have been given any concepts-blowing to talk approximately your Presidential applicants, you're very incorrect. through actuality the call you're making impacts the international in terms of any capacity wars your government ought to start foreign places and the international warming results of drilling for greater advantageous oil in Alaska or off Florida.

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