How reliable are external hard drives?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are very reliable. The same as for internal harddrives. The kind that come incased in the little hand held drive are pretty decent. I have a 40 gig from a year or 2 ago. My friend has a 70-80 gig drive same model.

    Then there are the kind that you buy your own enclosure for. The reason I say they are the same as internal is because those in fact take normal hard drives, that you put inside the enclosure and the circuit board makes the drive think its in a normal computer.

    The smaller kind usually are like notebook drives, and they dont need any cooling per se. The bigger kind, if you are looking to get one, usually are 3.5 inch drives and hopefully you can get one that has a fan. The bigger enclosure I got has a fan and its been on my desk for over a year with a normal harddrive in it. The portable ones I have, have been dropped, taken from location to location, and even taking to friends house when they needed files from me but didnt have anything to transport them with..

    As long as you dont try to move them while they are spinning, they are pretty reliable.

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    1 decade ago

    Run mine three years never a single problem.

    Source(s): Drive by Freecom.
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