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what goalie pads should i get Bauer Vapor XXX, Vaughn V3, TPS R8 or RBK PS-2?

what goalie pads do u have and are they good?

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    I have Eagle Sentry's and they are working very well for me. I like Eagle, as they got me my custom pads in a fraction of the time it would have taken Vaugh. Out of the pads you listed, i would recommend the Vaugh V3's, as they are wildly popular for a reason, they are comfortable and a very reliable pad. The Bauer Vapor XXX I would not recommend, because they just arent a very good pad. The quality is low, and the design is not great. They look cool, but that is about it, I was close to getting some of my own, until i looked at a pair I saw another goalie wearing and I was not impressed. The TPS R8's arent bad, I would say those are the 2nd best to the Vaughn's. The RBK series 2's are ok, but you have to be careful with RBK, some of their stuff is cheap made in China stuff that is known to fall apart very quickly. If you do decide to go with RBK, be sure to get the higher quality stuff made in Canada. I would also look into the Eagle's, because they have much better customer satisfaction, as they are a slightly smaller company, you will get your pads quicker, and they won't cost as much for the same if not better quality.

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    my goalie has the XXX's and i just asked him and he said hands down the vapors are the only choice =)

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    Dont buy any of Brians pads!!! You get to choose their design and colors and they last a long time (provided you dont play street hockey with them).

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