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fixing up our egyptian kingdoms ruins.worth the cost?

our sphynx needs a nose job a little paint.some t;l;c;yet so does arlington cemetary in washington,dc all has fallen prey too filth and decay over time. do we not take pride in our dyverse culture any longer.i love this place enough to fix it up a bit for our many vistors/guest.

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    The Great Sphinx has recently undergone a complete restoration and preservation project under the direction of Dr Hawass.

    It would not be the right thing to do, if they were to completely restore the face of the Sphinx as we actually don't exactly know what it looked like before its face was disfigured.

    This occurred in the 1400's when an explosive charge was set of by a fanatical local Sufi sheik, who thought it represented a god to be worshipped and therefore was an affront to Islam.

    Restoration and preservation is an ongoing thing with all of Egypt's thousands of ancient monuments.The current policy of the and has been for the past few years, not fund excavation and research above preservation,restoration and cataloguing what we have already.

    There are literally thousands of artifacts in the basement of the Cairo museum that have either lost their original catalogue tags or were never properly catalogued and researched to begin with.

    For the last 8 months I have been working remeasuring and photographing some of the lessor known tombs at the Valley of the Queen and Nobles near Luxor.

    In 2008 I will be continuing this work and then moving over to the Dier el Barhari complex where we will be undertaking much the same work in some tombs that have been located near the temple.

    I feel it is our duty to maintain these ancient monuments not only because of the vast amount of money that tourism brings into the country, but because this is Egypt's heritage, identity and the very roots of our civilisation.

    It is what makes us, Egyptian!

    In my case its by default, as Egypt is my adopted country

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  • Paige
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    4 years ago

    Egyptian women should not go with the crowd and try and make themselves lighter. Stick with your dark skin, you are beautiful. I don't think i have ever seen an ugly Egyptian girl, they have a quality that is rare. Beautiful eyes, brown skin. I married an Egyptian three weeks ago, and he is light brown. But at the weather gets hotter he gets darker, lol. So he has three shades to his skin. I tell him he is multi coloured, lol. I am hoping to get him across to UK sometime next year and he said that when he gets here he will be very light. But I don't care what colour he is, I love him for his funny personality and for being him. Egyptians shouldn't conform to media needs. And the TV shows should start using people with darker skins. When i was in Egypt earlier this month, I watch a few old films, and I did notice that they were practically westernised in the skin colour of the actresses, so this is not something new as the films were made in the 80's. And i don't believe that young people here should be spending time under sun beds trying to get a brown tan, they are putting themselves in danger just to look good on the beach. Stay Egyptian, that's the best way to be. You are great people with great personalities and very welcoming. That is your greatest asset, not the colour of your skin.

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  • FC11
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    They Mostly Don't Want Too Fix It Up Cause What If Something Goes Wrong And They Just Make It Worse.

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  • Shossi
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    I agree that we can not let history fade away.

    But, I am very upset that I will not see Nefertari's tomb while in Egypt. To help with Egyptian restoration, they are charging just under $5000 to go in and see the tomb. It is suppose to be the grandest of them all.

    I guess I will stick with the $10 and such tombs.

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