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hdmi vs component?

is the worst hdmi cable cable better than the best component cable or can a component cable be better than a hdmi cable?

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    -A component cable is an analog cable and only carries a video signal, typically it's highest output is 1080i. Converting say, a DVD signal to analog, sending it over component video and then switching it back to digital at the TV will result in a slight degradation of picture quality.

    -HDMI cable carries audio and video in one cable and it is all digital, and can support 1080p. Digital signal transfer, typically is error-free, while analog signals are always subject to some amount of degradation and information loss.

    However, it does mean that you shouldn't take it for granted that HDMI will always be better than component. The only way to find out which is best for your equipment is to try both and see which one you prefer.

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    Component video is more consistent in regards to audio. Sometimes the audio channels get mixed up with HDMI.

    HDMI is more convenient in regards to hook-up. One cable does the trick for audio and video. Also, some components won't allow 1080p or even 1080i conversion with CV.

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    HDMI is digital and is therefor going to be plagued with issues, the most common right now is popping and stuttering audio. Digital means that it has to be controlled, and a recent batch of HDMI processors have had audio issues. Just do a yahoo search on HDMI audio issues and look at all the results, it affects everything from cable boxes to PVR's to HDDVD and Blu-Ray players. In most cases the way to fix HDMI audio issues is to use component.

    HDMI also carries DRM signals so just boycott it. If you dont like being told what you can and cannot do with media you purchase then just avoid HDMI altogether.

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    You simply cannot predict (in most cases) which is better. From a video quality perspective either HDMI or component can be superior ... assuming reasonable quality cables it depends more on the electronics and the characteristics of the components being connected.

    I've provided links below to two discussions that explore the issues.

    Several "facts" that aren't

    - HDMI is digital therefore it is better

    - component can't support 1080p

    - component is analog therefore subject to rapid degradation of signal

    One consideration that will become more important is the impact of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the form of HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection, See the article on Wikipedia (3rd link)) and AACS (Advanced Access Content System, See 4th link), but basically -- once fully implemented, probably in a couple of years -- any analog connection (including component) will only be "allowed" to output a sub-HD signal.

    Bottom line, unless DRM is in effect or the device manufacturer (read the manual) has disabled HD signals over analog (in which case Component will give a low resolution signal), you will usually have to experiment to see whether component or HDMI give the better signal.

    Hope this helps.

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    It isn't, so much, about the cable itself but what the cable is capable of accomplishing. An HDMI cable is much better at carrying a signal than Component cables. Which is the reason component/composite/S-video connections will slowly fade away. Very slowly, but it'll happen.

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    The quality of the cable depends on who it is made by. HDMI is usually alot better then Component even if it's cheap.

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