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What type of Banks are operative in Pakistan?

Please provide me list of Banks in Pakistan

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  • 1 decade ago
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    List of Banks in Pakistan

    Central Bank: State Bank of Pakistan

    Nationalized/ Scheduled Banks:

    First Woman Bank Ltd.

    National Bank of Pakistan

    Specialized Banks

    Zari Taraqiati Bank (ZTBL)

    Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan

    Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd

    Private Scheduled Banks

    Askari Commercial Bank Limited

    Bank Al-Falah Limited

    Bolan Bank Limited

    Faysal Bank Limited

    Bank Al-Habib Limited

    Metropolitan Bank Limited

    KASB Commercial Bank Limited

    Prime Commercial Bank Limited

    PICIC Commercial Bank Limited

    Soneri Bank Limited

    Union Bank Limited

    Meezan Bank Limited

    Saudi-Pak Commercial Bank Limited

    Crescent Commercial Bank Limited

    Dawood Bank Limited

    NDLC-IFIC Bank Limited (NIB)

    Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited

    United Bank Limited

    Habib Bank Limited

    SME Banks

    Foreign Banks

    ABN Amro Bank N.V

    Albaraka Islamic Bank BSC (EC)

    American Expresss Bank Limited

    Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Limited

    Citibank N.A

    Deutsche Bank A.G.

    Habib Bank A.G. Zurich

    Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp Limited

    Oman International Bank S.O.A.G

    Rupali Bank Limited

    Standard Chartered Bank Limited

    Development Financial Institutions

    Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corp. Limited

    Pak Kuwait Investment Company (Pvt) Limited

    Pak Libya Holding Company (Pvt) Limited

    Pak-Oman Investment Company (Pvt) Limited

    Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricutural Investment Company (Pvt) Limited

    Investment Banks

    Crescent Investment Bank Limited

    First International Investment Bank Limited

    Atlas Investment Bank Limited

    Security Investment Bank Limited

    Fidelity Investment Bank Limited

    Prudential Investment Bank Limited

    Islamic Investment Bank Limited

    Asset Investment Bank Limited

    Al-Towfeek Investment Bank Limited

    Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Limited

    Franklin Investment Bank Limited

    Orix Investment Bank (Pak) Limited

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  • 1 decade ago
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