I am looking at buying a Camera.?

Im looking at buying a profesioal camera. A digital one. I need some good tips and ideas on which one to buy. i have a budget too. right now i have about $220 and most of them are like $600. Where do i buy it and what brand? Please help

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    A professional DSLR can cost anywhere from $800-$2,000 body only.

    One way is to try and get a used camera from eBay—but that can be really tricky. Professional DSLR’s like the Nikon D1H and Fuji S2 are still around $400-$550 used on eBay and they are about 5 years old.

    My best advice, I’d go with the Nikon D40. It’s a six megapixel and is targeted for those who want a relatively compact and light camera yet having most of the important SLR features. D40 is perfect for those who want high quality pictures, more control, and have a DSLR experience (instant power on and no shutter lag), without having to carry a bulky camera. And unless you are shooting sports/actions professionally), the D40 is pretty much all you will need.

    Or if Nikon is not your cup of tea, then try Canon EOS 20D coming in at 8.2 megapixels. It focuses fast, shoots fast, is accurate and has probably the highest dynamic range of any of the digital SLRs on the market these days. It can use all of canon’s SLR lenses, even those dating back to the 1980’s. (I’m almost 100 percent sure on that)

    Either way, Nikon and Canon both have some great DSLR’s out there with decent body and lens packages. You might be able to try and get a package deal on eBay, new, and it might cost you about $400 no more then $600.

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    A professional camera would cost you several thousands of dollars minimum, YOUR budget only allows for the absolute minimum basic entry level DSLR. Buying a DSLR on a tight budget is problematic, because nobody really tells you just how much other gear you will need/want on top of the camera. Even if/when you DO find a DSLR plus lens in your price range, there will always be way more expenses ahead. You'll want and/or need a few other things such as tripod, filters, a bag, sensor cleaning gear, a second battery, memory cards, perhaps a remote shutter release etc. That's just the small stuff - I can guarantee you that you'll also want more lenses. You'll probably buy cheap ones at first, then regret that, then start saving for the good quality ones, instead. You'll also want a decent flash some day. See how that list just goes on and on? Owning a DSLR isn't cheap - at least not until you have built up a nice stash of gear. When you look at an advertised kit price, you do NOT see all the other gear that you'll need/want with it. Just some food for thought........ I'm not trying to talk you out of this, just trying to be helpful in case you haven't thought about all this yet. Why on earth did you wait until THREE days before a big trip? You have little hope of getting to know your new camera, let alone taking quality photographs. I would suggest you rush out, buy a bridge camera, instead, such as the Canon Powershot SX40HS and start reading the manual and a couple of books on basic photography. Don't bother about sleep - you have work to do!!!!

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    "most of them are $600" for a professional one. Plain and simple a low end SLR (single-light-reflex) camera that can offer professional pictures will cost more money. That typically is just for the "body only" most lenses that you will need (want) will cost the same as the body or more (for professional work you will want to be able to switch between different lenses.) I suggest saving until you reach the $600 mark or buy yourself a nice point-and-shoot camera for now. These camera's can offer nice picures as well.

    Canon offers the EOS 350D for around $460 shipped with the kit lens and $400 for just the camera body.

    Here is a link:

    with lense:


    body only:


    hope that helps

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