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What is the age limit for joining US military? (With NO Previous Experience)?

I'm suspicious the age limits are there for people re-enlisting.

I'm 25 now (gonna be 26 in June '08) and thinking of joining the US Navy or the Coastguard (preferably the reserves) for the first time. Am I too old?

I just don't see any other way of paying for my college tuition. It took me over 4 years to get my associate degree from a community college while working and in the meantime I messed up my credit. I don't think anyone will give me a loan with a decent interest rate now so I just don't see any other option to finishing college other than the GI Bill. Please help!


I think I should clarify I'm only interested in the Navy or the Coastguard

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    As a Soldier, you can take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill and the Army College Fund to pay for your college education. Depending on how long you enlist with the Army and the job you choose, you can get up to $73,836 to help pay for college. All you have to do is give $100 a month during your first year of service. If you select the Army College Fund, the total amount is combined with the MGIB.

    Up to $73,836 to help pay for college with the MGIB and Army College Fund


    The Army offers several opportunities to attend classes while serving as an Active Duty or Army Reserve Soldier. Whether it's in accredited four-year universities across the nation, through an online university or in high-tech learning facilities on Army posts, the Army enables Soldiers to continue their educational growth.

    If you need help choosing a career within the Army, this is the place to find answers. With “Match Your Interest”, you simply answer a few questions about your interests and goarmy will match your answers with jobs. Or choose to use the Army Career Explorer, which allows you to see what jobs you qualify for:



    U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien

    17-41 years old

    Healthy and in good physical condition

    In good moral standing

    High school or Equivalent Education

    SSG Schramm

    US Army 15 years

    OIF 2003

    US Army Recruiter 3 years running in Texas

    P.S. 80 college credit hours all payed for.

    Qualified Active Duty recruits may be eligible for a combination of bonuses up to $40,000!

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    17 years old you could have gone to collage in a military academy where the military pays for your tuition in exchange for 7 years of military services

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    CG is 28, Navy is 35 with no prior experience.

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    Yes at your age you can join, Also get a good MOS that will let you go to school. The Army is giving out a lot of money to first timers anywhere from 5000 to 20000 dollars. Go Army.

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    Active Army - 42

    Army Reserves - 42

    Active Air Force - 27

    Air Force Reserve - 34

    Active Navy - 34

    Naval Reserves - 39

    Active Marines - 28

    Marine Corps Reserve - 29

    Active Duty Coast Guard - Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service).

    Coast Guard Reserves - Age 39.

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    nope. the army's standard is 17 with parents permission to 42. but if you go, go active. you get more benefits, and you might get a signing bonus to go along with it.

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    use to be 28years old.but now its 40 years old

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