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In hold'em poker......does an Ace,10,9,7,5 of hearts beat an ace, 10,9,7,4 of hearts? Should it be a draw?

Does the ranking of a flush solely depend on the highest card?

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    There can never be a question like that in poker unless you are using two decks of cards. In two different suits, the Ace, 10, 9, 7, and 5 would beat the flush that has a 4 as its lowest card.

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    Okay, so...

    Player 1 = X(other pocket card) 5h

    Player 2 = X 4h

    Board = Ah 10h 9h 7h X(whatever the 5th card is)

    In this case, Player 1 wins the pot. It is the best 5 CARDS, not the best highest card.

    Player 1's flush is A-10-9-7-5

    Player 2's flush is A-10-9-7-4

    5 is higher than 4, therefore, Player 1's flush is better.

    It is ALWAYS the best 5 CARDS. A lot of times hands come down to kickers. Two players can each have say 2 pair, 9's and 8's, but Player 1 has a King and Player 2 only has a 10. Player 1 would win becase he has 2 pair with a King kicker and Player 2 only has 2 pair with a 10 kicker.

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    The answer is no. That is because the 5 beats the 4. Even though both flushes are ace high, the winner is determined by the higher card. That is called a tie-breaker. In this case, the winner has the 5 of hearts, which beats the 4 of hearts. All the other cards are identical, so the lowest cards determine who wins.

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    The AT975 is the higher flush. You rank all 5 cards in a flush, the only way to split on a flush is if all 5 cards are identical in each players hand (playing flush on board).

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    Actually, that hand is very possible. All that needs to happen is the Ace, 10, 9, and 7 be in the community cards and one person with the 4 and the other with the 5. If that was the case, the person with the 5 would have been the winner. In hold 'em, the best 5 cards make the hand. Its like two people holding an ace, and a pair of kings and an ace come on the flop. lets say the next two cards are an 8 and a 5. Since you both had the pair of aces with the pair of kings, it goes to the highest card. If no one has anything higher than an 8 (the highest card left) then its a split regardless of where you had any number lower than 8, no matter who has the higher card.

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    ace 10 9 7 5 isnt considered a hand let alone a winning hand as you are both missing the 8... its a draw



  • Yes, the ranking makes a difference, but to have that many of the same cards in two different hands you have a bad deck there!

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    Not a Draw.

    If there is a tie like this (and I believe you mean two different suites) it continues on to the next highest card.

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