X men 3, why Jean could simply be ressurected?

Ok people, think about this. IN the comics, The phoenix cloned jean and used her body. Ok, in the movie it was a supposed split personality. Ok, maybe Jean wasnt dead from the water and the phoenix did clone her body. The professor said that his THEORY was that Jean wrapped her body in telekinetic energy. He could be wrong right? In the comic everyone thought Jean came back and was more powerful but it was actually the phoenix. Why couldnt that have happened now? I mean, Jean just comes back and everyone assumes its her? I mean, it could be dark phoenix, thats why she was all over cyclops. I mean if the professor did put blocks on Jeans mind and she couldve wrapped her in a cocoon of her powers, and could still be alive and asleep somewhere. Which is why she hasnt come back yet. I mean, at the end of X2, what did we see? Something was floating and it looked like a bird kinda. But dont hold me to that.

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    Yeah, but X3 completely screwed w/ the Phoenix. According to the movie, the Phoenix was simply the name of Jean's alternate personality that formed as a result of Xavier putting mental blocks on her powers because she was as powerful as Phoenix when she was a 12-year-old girl. The movie version negates the cosmic origin of the Phoenix all-together.

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    You're right about the bird shadow at the end of x2. As for Jean in X3, it was a complete and total demolition to her character. In the movie... Phoenix wasn't actually a multiple personality or anything. It was just Jeans true ability. She was supposedly that strong. So Xavier put up a mental block to lock away a very large portion of her power. Which actually is what happened to Gambit in the comics. He had a large portion of his power, over half, locked away by Apocalypse. But anyway. From what I remember jean was "infected" by Phoenix while they were coming back from the Shi'ar Empire. What possible reason could the film makers have had for them ending up in outer space? They wanted to include Phoenix, so they just made something up.

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    At the end of X2 there was a shape of a "phoenix" on the surface of the water. He could have been wrong but I doubt it.

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