Can u alphabetize 1st names and have the last names but go with the 1st names starting from A through Z?

for example A- angelina jolie

B- brad pitt

C collin ferral

E edward furlong



that was so kool suma

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    Sure....seems like fun

    A-Ashley Tisdale

    B-Brenda Song,Blake Lively,Beyonce

    C-Carrie Underwood,Corbin Bleu,Chase Crawford

    D-Dylan Sprouse

    E-Ellen DeGeneres(Spelling?),Emily Osment,Emma Roberts


    G-Geena Davis,Gwen Staffani

    H-Harry Potter? no....Prince Harry?,Heidi Montag

    I-Inglesias,Enrique(sorry could'n find 1),Ice Cube,IceT,

    J-Justin Timberlake,Jenifer Lopez

    K-Kiki Palmer

    L-Lilly Allen , Lauren Conrad,

    M-Mandy Moore

    N-Nick Jonas

    O-Oprah Winfrey

    P-Penelope Cruz,Paris Hilton

    Q-Queen Latifah

    R-Robert DeNiro,Rachel Ray,Rihanna

    S-Sophia Bush,Sabrina Bryan,

    T-Tyra Banks


    V-Vanessa Hugdens,Vanessa Carlton

    W-Will Smith


    Y-yasmin Murphey

    Z-Zac Efron

    I could'n find X..............this answer took me a while

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  • A - Ashlee Simpson

    B - Brad Pitt

    C - Colin Firth

    D - Dustin Hoffman

    E - Evangeline Lily

    F - Fay Ripley

    G - George Clooney

    H - Heather Mills

    I - Imelda Staunton

    J - Jessica Simpson

    K - Keira Knightly

    L - Lisa Kudro

    M - Matthew Perry

    N - Nora Jones

    O - Owen Wilson

    P - Paul Daniels

    Q - Queen Latifa

    R - Richard Branson

    S - Steve Carroll

    T - Tom Cruise

    U - Uma Thurman

    V - Vanessa Hudgens

    W - Warwick Davis

    X - Xena Lorena

    Y - Yasmin Paige

    Z- Zac Efron

    God that took me a long time, all the answers went out of my head. Some i had to search for as i couldnt think of a celeb with that name, like x for example! and Q i kinda cheated.. but i did it!

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  • 1 decade ago

    And I would want to do this... why????

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  • 1 decade ago


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