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Pokemon Pearl- Where do I see a ditto?

I want to trade for a ditto but I need to have seen one first, where do I see one?

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    ditto is in the grass patch where you go to the canalve city

    but you have to use poke radar to find it

    you can get the poke radar by completing the story

    if you don't understand then

    go to canalve city (at the first land you land) if you go left you see a grass patch down

    go to the grass and use poke radar then grass shakes then go to the grass and it might be ditto

    it takes some tries to get it

    CAUTION!!! if you didnt beat the game then you cant get it unless you beat the game then you get the poke radar

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    there no way finding a ditto unless u migrate or hack the game u can migrate at pal park when u beat the game u need surf and waterfall i think

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