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what word rhymes with the name...?


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    1 decade ago
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    Have you ever tried RhymeZone ( It has lists and lists of rhyming words and is perfect for poets.

    Words and phrases that rhyme with gina: (261 results)

    2 syllables:

    bina, cina, dena, dina, drina, geena, ina, jeana, jena, keena, krajina, leana, leena, lena, lina, mena, mina, nina, pina, queena, quina, rena, rina, schena, sheena, shena, shiina, spina, stena, teena, tina, vena, vina, xena, zena

    3 syllables:

    adina, albina, alcina, alina, andreana, arena, armina, athena, avina, balbina, bellina, bettina, blazina, brezina, burkina, cadena, calvina, cantina, carena, catena, celina, christina, claudina, colina, corina, corrina, cortina, covina, crispina, cristina, cyrena, davina, defina, delfina, delphina, delrina, depina, domina, edina, edwina, elvina, emina, erina, ermina, farina, faustina, frisina, galena, galiena, gallina, gardena, gemina, georgina, godina, gravina, gumina, hermina, hyena, irina, janina, janthina, jobina, jobyna, julina, justina, katrina, kubena, lacina, larina, laspina, latina, lavina, ledvina, levina, malina, malvina, marina, martina, mattina, medina, melina, melvina, merlina, messina, molina, mozena, n'djamena, nelina, osmena, ospina, pacyna, patina, paulina, pecina, pesina, petrina, philina, pollina, purina, pyrena, quintina, regina, reina, rendina, robina, romina, rosina, rowena, rubina, rufina, sabena, sabina, sabrina, sakina, salina, salvina, sardina, savina, scardina, selena, selina, slanina, subpoena, tranchina, urbina, varina, verbena, verina, vezina, virina, zelina, zenina, zerlina, zorina

    4 syllables:

    adamina, albertina, altadena, andolina, angelina, aquilina, aretina, argentina, ballerina, brown hyena, cartagena, catalina, catherina, celestina, concertina, constantina, ecumena, egbertina, emelina, evelina, fernandina, filomena, fiorina, florentina, geraldina, gilbertina, ianthina, idalina, indovina, josephina, karenina, katarina, katharina, lamartina, lamattina, lareina, laudicina, leopoldina, magdalena, malaspina, maralina, marcellina, mascarena, michaelina, michelina, neutrogena, nicolina, opalina, orangina, pamelina, pertamina, perugina, petrofina, philomena, posavina, proserpina, sand verbena, sarafina, serafina, seraphina, sports arena, striped hyena, taormina, thomasina, tijerina, tomasina, valentina, wilhelmina, wilhemina

    5 syllables:

    autolatina, battle of jena, beach sand verbena, ekaterina, genus sardina, genus verbena, hercegovina, herzegovina, laughing hyena, pallas athena, pink sand verbena, spotted hyena, strait of messina, sweet sand verbena

    6 syllables:

    desert sand verbena, genus argentina, iris florentina, prima ballerina, yellow sand verbena

    7 syllables:

    political arena

    8 syllables:

    capital of argentina

    9 syllables:

    bosnia and herzegovina, bosnia i hercegovina

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  • 1 decade ago

    Regina, Georgina, Nangina

    sonatina, Christina, Tina, cantina

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    I think we know who gets the 10 points...

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    Source(s): damm judy..ur answer is good
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