What are your aspects on life?

What are you aspects of life?

Like, why do you think we're living?

Why, we're here on this planet?

Just curious.


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    When we were young, we always said, “I want to be successful”. This statement seems familiar to most of us. In reality, how many of us could understand this term:- successful? I am sure you have heard of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim. They are successful businessmen. Have you ever thought what contributes to their success?

    The term successful is rather ambiguous. There is no certainty or definite answer for it. Different people would catagorise success differently. For instance, a housewife would describe the term successful as ability to take good care of her family. Whereas, a teacher is successful when he or she is able to produce a group of “A”s students. In the eye of businessman, managing billion dollar companies would be success for them. However, these groups share a few similarities in forming a paradigm of the concept “successful in” their perception.

    In Islamic approach, the concept of “self-reflection” which means looking deep into ourselves to check the kind of things we do and values we uphold in life is the essence of a successful person. This concept is important because it will help us evaluate and re-evaluate our behaviours and conduct everyday. “Self-reflection” prevents us from values that are not deviant from Islamic thought. Most people now concern themselves with how much they earn, job performance and examination results. A subsequent question that all Muslims must ask is this: are these sufficient to qualify a person as “successful” in the “eye” of God? By referring to Qur’an, a successful person refrains from saying or doing things that are worthless or have little use or value. On the other hand, we should use our five senses to contribute to the society. In Islamic worldview, a “successful” person is not self-centered, but knows and performs his societal and religious duties for others.

    I went to a government department to enquire about some information. The officer was friendly and helpful, greeting me when I stepped in. Her smile and her cheerful demeanor marked a contented person. Not only did she treat me as the best customer, but her interest in me as a person had me believing I was the most fascinating individual she has ever met. Her professional advice really impressed me. Her enthusiasm was infectious. She was actually the deputy director of the department. From there, I learned a powerful lesson from her: what we do is not as important as how and why we do it. Unfortunately, most workers lack inspiration and they do not treasure the pleasure and satisfaction of perfecting their work.

    According to the late management guru, W. Edward Deming, he estimated that less than 2% of managers and 10% of workers are happy in their work. It is an interesting finding. He added that it is hard to give good service unless you enjoy your work. As a rule of thumb, people who are motivated by satisfaction they derive from their work, they do not only become productive, creative but also successful. In short, the first principle to be successful is to be “self-motivated”.

    Taking up a doctorate program enabled me to be an inveterate learner and a firm believer in the adage that knowledge is power. As we know, Malaysia has stepped into the globalization era. Hence, we need to take initiative in seeking out all the training we can possibly get to keep us up to date. After talking to several CEOs, I found that the job promotion and the highest pay increases will definitely go to those employees who are constantly learning how to do their jobs better. That is why the demand for training, development and education programs has multiplied.

    The degree of success depends on the goals we are setting. Ask yourselves, “What position do you hope to attain?” Then, you have to identify it, then develop a plan that will assist you to achieve the goal. According to Philip Kotler, satisfaction arises when the expectations and the goals meet. However, setting goals are subjective. This task depends on your educational background, past experiences and your exposure. However, training should be an integral part of your plan.

    In term of working environment, before setting a goal, you should identify what you need to know. Perhaps, you should ask your supervisor or superior what skills and training would enable you to be more promotable. You may also talk to person who is currently working in the position that you would someday like to have to identify what qualities you should develop in yourself to be successful.

    “Don’t wait for apples to fall”; do not wait for someone else to give you the power to improve yourself and to more effectively serve your customers. If you want to be creative and productive, you must be an empowered and self-motivated people person. This is really what success is! Besides, you must choose and execute with respect to priorities. Do the most important or the most difficult task first. Conceivably, group related and similar activities and do them at the same time. When you prioritize, you think ahead and work on the roots of problems. This method enables you to kill two birds with one stone. You may consider the pareto principle: 80% of the results of your labour flow out of 20% of your activities. Remember, getting the highest possible quality production out of your time can do a lot to make you successful. For this reason, time management is essential for a successful person. Start organizing now!

    To be a successful person and increase your level of satisfaction, you may consider developing a sense of humour. I came across an article written by a clinical psychologist, Dr Charles Garfield, which stresses the importance of sense of humour. “A sense of humour is one of the qualities of a high achiever. Humour is a positive attitude. It stimulates us to deliver good service. Not only humour makes you feel better, it makes those around you feel better. C.W Metcalf, the president of Fort Collins Colorado developed “the humour principle”. In his principle, he pointed out that humour could generate an enthusiasm that boosts the level of psychic energy, enhance alertness and mental efficiency, improve interpersonal relationships, clarify meaning and promote understanding, develop co-operation and camaraderie while deflecting conflict. It is interesting that Stephen Leacock, a Canadian humorist quoted, “A man will freely confess that he has no ear for music or no taste for fiction or even no interest in religion. But I have yet to hear a man announce that he has no sense of humour.”

    The book “Your Mind Speaks Your Health” indicates the importance of our health. If you are going to be successful, you need energy. Energy is a prerequisite of motivation. Get enough sleep; you will get more done in less time if your body is rested. Eat well and regularly. Remember, if you do not have fun in life, you will be bored. Boredom is a dead battery, a walking zombie. When you are bored, your productivity becomes slow. Prof Richard Barthol, an associate professor of psychology at University of California at Los Angeles says that, to be highly motivated, people need a healthy balance of work and play. Recognize that there is as much energy in the emotional aspect of life as there is in the physical aspects.

    To sum up, the successfulness or quality of an individual is an endless question. However, we should never be satisfied with our current situation no matter how successful we are. We should continue to endlessly improve ourselves in order to be better persons.

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  • lala
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    1 decade ago

    We have been sent here to learn to be a better person . Exceptionally some had been sent on a very special mission ;; Exp Mother Theresa

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think every person on this planet has a role on this planet. we were created for a meaning.

    WE are the ones who have to find that meaning.

    and live it to the fullest.

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  • im all ways thinking that like what iz our purpose for excistance what was the piont 4 being put here but im not sure ether

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