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How would one get into personal finance as a career? I love to learn about how money works, how to treat it with respect, teach others how to do the same, and eventually...teach young people how to manage money and stay out of irresponsible debt. Just knowing how much debt is out there and the thoughts and behaviors of people who make these money mistakes makes me want to offer a helping hand in solving this problem. I have the heart of a teacher and can speak with conviction...but need to learn more and find an open door for this.

Any insight?

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    I am actually going to school for a career in personal finance. I too am interested in educating people of all ages about financial decisions that will impact their lives. You will probably want to start with a degree in accounting or finance. After you obtain a bachelors you can aquire a certification. There are many to choose from but it sounds to me that you would be interested in being a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). It's a lot of work but I feel that the rewards are great. Another cool thing about a career in finance or accounting is that there are so many fields to branch into. If you change your mind about dealing with people on an individual basis, you can become certified in another area. There are also a lot of online degree programs that offer accounting and finance. I am currently in enrolled with The University of Phoenix and the program is a little demanding but I have learned so much. I have included a list of certificates that you can receive after you have obtained a degree. The possibilites are vast...

    • CPA - Certified Public Accountant - CBOA, AICPA, CSCPA & NASBA

    • CMA - Certified Management Accountant - IMA

    • CFM - Certified in Financial Management- IMA

    • CIA - Certified Internal Auditor - IIA

    • PFS - Personal Financial Specialist - AICPA

    • CITP - Certified Information Technology Professional - AICPA

    • ABV - Accredited in Business Valuation - AICPA

    • CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor - ISACA

    • CISM - Certified Information Security Manager - ISACA

    • CGFM - Certified in Governmental Financial Management - AGA

    • CFS - Certified Fraud Specialist - ACFS

    • CFP - Certified Financial Planner - CFPBS

    • CCM - Certified Cash Manager - AFP

    • CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst - AIMR

    • CBM - Certified Business Manager - APBM

    • CFE - Certified Fraud Examiner - ACFE

    • CB - Certified Bookkeeper - AIPB

    • CPP - Certified Payroll Professional - APA

    • EA - Enrolled Agent - NAEA

    • CBA - Certified Bank Auditor - BAI

    • CDP - Certified Divorce Planner - ICDP

    • Cr.FA - Certified Forensic Accountant - ACFEI

    • CVA - Certified Valuation Analyst - NACVA

    • AVA - Accredited Valuation Analyst -NACVA

    • CFFA - Certified Forensic Financial Analyst - NACVA

    • CFD - Certified in Fraud Deterrence - NACVA

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    I think the first person was right, just go to school as I am doing now for financial planning. You'll learn everything you need to know and as they said you can branch off into something else if it's not for you. If you are thinking along the lines of CFP or CPA start networking right away so you have potential clients lined up when you get a job.

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    i understand anybody hates putting forward Dave Ramsey, yet he's a physically powerful guy to hearken to dependant on your point of wellbeing understanding. Dave Ramsey has a radio instruct on on a regular basis as does Suze Orman. i could additionally seek for suggestion from any literature which you will p.c.. up out of your monetary planner. you're began on the main ideas-blowing music once you're in you're youthful and making an investment.

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