Which school has the best Engineering program, UF or UCF?

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    Fall 2006 Admissions Statistics

    Overall acceptance rate: 43.3%

    Average GRE verbal: 519

    Average GRE quantitative: 757

    Average GRE analytical: 688

    Undergraduate Engineering Program ranked 30th by U.S. News & World Report


    Enrollment: 7,019

    Undergraduate: 4,711

    Master's: 962

    Ph.D. : 1,262


    Largest full-time freshmen enrollment in the state

    5,974 students in CECS

    4,987 undergraduate students

    508 Masters and Post-bac students

    479 PhD students

    Top 20% (of 194 schools) in research expenditures for the college and affiliated research centers


    Rank (Percent)

    Civil Engineering (of 211 schools)

    22nd (Top 10%)

    Mechanical Engineering (of 276 schools)

    43rd ( Top 16% )

    Computer Engineering (of 165 schools)

    12th (Top 7%)

    Computer Science inside Engineering (of 148 schools)

    2nd (Top 1%)

    Electrical Engineering (of 255 schools)

    25th (Top 10%)

    Engineering Technology (of 69 schools)

    13th (Top 19%)

    I tried to find as much info and as many statistics as possible to give you some information about each school.

    Now, from personal experience and knowledge I would say that it depends on what kind of engineering you want to major in:

    For Aerospace and Mechanical - UCF or UF

    For Biomedical - UF

    For Civil Engineering - UF

    For Chemical Engineering - UF or UCF

    For Computer Science - UCF

    For Environmental - UCF

    USF and UM also have good engineering schools so you might consider looking into them as well.

    I hope this helped, if you have any questions email me, and I'll be hapy to clarify anything or answer any questions.

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    Ucf Electrical Engineering

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