uk residents..whats the number you type in your telephone to stop nusance callers ?

a few years ago there was a programme on tv i think and it gave you a number you call to bt and they then blocked any nusnace callers like marketing calls etc, it was free but i also think there is one where you pay for it starting to get them again, can anyone tell me what the number is or where i might be able to find it on the internet ? would be most gratefull ! cheers ! x

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The service is called TPS (Telephone Preference Service)

    That is a link to the website where you register your number.

    Hope it helps. :)


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    1 decade ago

    Register your phone number on the TPS website (for free) and it will stop some, NOT ALL, unwanted marketing calls.

    The odd one or two still get through.

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