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Low cost dental plans....?

I do not have dental insurance, and two of my wisdom teeth are comming in. I have a limited amount of money to put towards a dental plan and the cost of the surgery. Does anyone have one of those low cost dental plans they have advertised online? They sound good, but you know some things are just too good to be true. I just need to do something before the pain becomes unbarable.

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    If you're 50 or older, AARP has a great dental plan with Delta Dental....

    Can you get insurance through your employer? If you opt for a dental plan and not dental insurance, you are commited to only see a participating provider who accepts the a reduced rate. Also, if you choose to go with an HMO, the same rules apply.

    Met Life, Aetna, United Concordia and Guardian, to name a few, have EXCELLENT dental benefits...

    Best of luck to you~

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    Most health insurance companies have crappy dental coverage. AmeriPlan has great dental which covers pre-existing conditions and they cover up to 80% of most procedures.

    Check out:

    If you really need assistance, you can feel free to call me (I am a broker) or fill out the form and I can contact you.

    Good luck!!

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