Why do some single mothers expect the State to pay for them?

I expect I'll get some flak for this but it needs to be asked.

There are many single mums out there who have chosen to bring up a child alone. Exclude widows, divorcees and women with unusual circumstances, but concentrate on some girls who 'fall' pregnant and choose to keep their child. There many be many who work but there's also plenty who choose to stay at home and let the tax-payer pick up the bill.

Why do they think that the world should pay for them? What right do they have to take money off of people for their chosen lifestyle?

If you have a child then you should make provision to bring it up - sure, the State can help defray some of the costs but surely it's unreasonable to expect other people to pay for you?

Does anyone agree? If you want to have a child then you should be prepared to put your hand in your pocket and pay the costs, rather than sitting back and letting the rest of the world pick up the bill.


Just to clarify: I'm talking about young single mothers, probably haven't worked much and who CHOOSE to live off the State!

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    I agree wholeheartedly with you. What makes the situation worse is that the goverment will 'throw' money at them for every subsequent sprog they produce too. If child benefit (and this silly child 'bond' or whatever it's called in which the parents get hundreds of pounds to invest for the kids) was restricted to the first two children only....how many unmarried mothers would go on to producing 3, 4, 5+ I wonder....not many, I'll bet.

    I don't want my hard earned taxes going to pay for some chav's bastard sprogs just because they can't read the instructions on a condom packet.

    As you say...if you want kids, fine...pay for them...if not, stay without or confine yourself to one or two.

    I'd love a Ferrari or a Porsche GT2...but as I can't afford to pay for them I have to live without.

    Nazgul has the right idea...Well said mate!

    My mate's brother was married a couple of years ago, they can't have children but want to adopt. They can't get a council house as they have no children ( the pregnant teens have priority). They can't adopt as they have no house...catch 22!!

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    Im going to try hard not to give you a hard time but being a single mother who has claimed benefits (but now working full time on a benefits section) i think you will find that there is probably more couples claiming benefits with/without children when onhe of them is certainly able to work. I agree its a bad show and at the end of the day you have to think about the end result - the children are more likely to follow on and claim benefit if the parent has i see you didnt mention single dads (are there any?)

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    Many girls grow up under the "Princess Theory". They think that when they grow up a prince will come and "rescue" them and all their dreams will come true. When that doesn't happen, they assert themselves as powerful females who don't need a man. Selfishly, they think they can raise a child on their own without realizing that it is most beneficial for a child to have male and female parents that are together. But raising a child by ones self takes great commitment and many women dump the baby off with mom and hit the clubs trying to find the next loser to hook up with so he will pay her bills. When you know some one is going to throw you a lifeline when you know your going to sink, it's easier to jump into the quicksand. And to all those saying it's the man's fault (deadbeat dads, not using protection)...the girl chose to sleep with that guy so blame her, too. There are about 8 different methods of birth control for women and one for a man. Think about that. If you don't want to get pregnant, use your own birth control and don't rely on men to.

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    youre obviously not a young single mother. however, i can see your point of view on this, in that they think they can ride free just cuz their situation got rough. it would be different if they rode free for a while, got their act together, and moved on living their lives on their own cash, however most dont do that.

    BUT i also see the other side of things. im sixteen, i may be pregnant as i type this. i know i will be kicked out, i also know i will keep the baby. he or she is a part of me. im not done school yet, my job wont pay for what i need it to. i will be a freeloader for a while perhaps. but i have bigger plans for myself, and when the childs old enough to be babysat, i will finish school and pay taxes just like mostly everyone.

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    I do agree to a certain point and your right there are plenty of single mums who do go out to work. In my opinion I think everyone yes Everyone that is on any kind of benefit should give something back to the community e.g. voluntary work ,that should sort out the people that need the benefit to those that are just God Dam Lazy.

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    Deadbeat Mums!

    I think many of these parents...male or female....should go globe trotting - I also believe we should employ some laws found in other cultures - I was lucky to witness some of that law while I was away at Christmas - I saw respect, honour and values....none of this of how to screw the system or its a human right issue...what nonsense.

    If you have other family make them pay - if you don't then get a job!

    Life is tough.

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    a lot of teenage pregnancies were planned,to ensure a free council house and support for not having to work,when the child was at an age that he/she could be babysat while mum went out to work,low and behold,the mum would go out on a weekend,get pregnant(blame it on the fact that she had a cold and the pill didnt work,yea righto),then start all over again,always tell a teenage mum,every night there will be a convoy of prospective men and boyfriends playing their music 3 o'clock in the morning while she's hanging out of the bedroom window,some of the parents dont help either,they encourage it,get pregnant and we'll say were kicking you out,take this letter to the council,and bingo gravy train for ever,they ought to be sterilized.

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    To Daisyhil.., what tax's? when they've just left school, not worked a day in their life? I have personal knowledge of girls that have don just that. They have then decided they want a bigger flat so get pregnant again.

    I also know of someone how's child came up to starting work age, so got pregnant again!

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    I so agree with you. There is just no reason today for women to have unplanned pregnancies so presumably these single women wanted babies but then expect all those of us who work to pay for them. I have very controversial views on child benefit etc. as I feel that too much money is given to people who choose to have children they can't afford to bring up. I think benefit should be given for the first child, maybe even the second but after that parents should not be 'rewarded' for having more and more children. I heard an argument recently where someone said that the children born today will be earning someday, therefore paying taxes and will help keep us (who will then be elderly) which is a load of baloney as lots of them won't have jobs and be living on the state. We should do what they do in China and actually penalise people for having too many children, the world population is rising as an horrific amount and we must do something to stop this or the world will be in serious bother.

  • Because Liberalism is a mental disorder. And the bottom line - As long as people are allowed to vote for their own entitlements, they will continue to grow (the entitlements, and those who need them).

    --Think I'll quick my job, and start collecting so I can afford to get cable.

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